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Divorce lawyer Andrew Spearman said: "It is discriminatory and unfair that same-sex couples cannot cite adultery for same-sex cheating."
But, Dumais said, she has rarely seen the ground of adultery alleged and in her practice has her clients admit to the conduct but provide no details.
She argues that plaintiff cannot claim the privilege because it was unlikely that he would be criminally prosecuted for adultery. Defendant also asserts that plaintiff waived the privilege "by making the statements in Paragraph 14 of the complaint, and by his testimony at the hearing on his Motion to Sequester the File."
Under Section 10 of the Christian Divorce Act, it was necessary for a Christian man to level allegations of adultery on his wife to divorce her.
"Thinking of adultery from a point of view of criminality is a retrograde step," unanimously declared the five-judge bench of the Supreme Court.
Adultery is not a crime if the husband connives or consents to his wife's extra-marital affair.
It's this constitutional bias against men that forced Joseph Shine, a 41-year-old Indian hotelier in Italy, to lead a crusade against Section 497, which made adultery an offense only with respect to a man who has a relationship with somebody's wife.
"Adultery, in certain situations, may not be the cause of an unhappy marriage.
Three judges in a five-member constitution bench held that making adultery a crime is retrograde and would mean "punishing unhappy people".
YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY. Jesus reaffirms the validity of the sixth commandment.
She pointed out that the commission previously received many complaints from women against their husbands who falsely imputed the charge of adultery on them.
The chairperson further submitted that it was against the dignity of a woman that men were imputing falsely the charge of adultery against their wives in order to seek a divorce.