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ADVENTAdaptive Versatile Engine Technology (Aerospace)
ADVENTAda Development Environment
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The blacks who had witnessed his advent looked on in amazement as they saw the naked giant leap easily into the branches of the tree from whence he had dropped so uncannily upon the scene, and vanish as he had come, bearing away their prisoner with him.
Marilla felt that out of her sixty years she had lived only the nine that had followed the advent of Anne.
I felt rather timid and apprehensive, for she had come to search Humphrey Van Weyden's soul, and Humphrey Van Weyden had nothing of which to be particularly proud since his advent on the Ghost.
Another man, who had also been watching Dorset Rouse from the gardens for several hours, also noted Lucille's advent with relief.
Greatly relieved to find that he was not too late, Kit leant against a lamp-post to take breath, and waited the advent of the pony and his charge.
The fact that it is difficult to aim anything but imprecations accurately by moonlight, that they were upset by the sudden and unexpected manner of my advent, and that I was a rather rapidly moving target saved me from the various deadly projectiles of the enemy and permitted me to reach the shadows of the surrounding peaks before an orderly pursuit could be organized.
This fierce green warrior had been the first to greet me that day, now twenty years gone, which had witnessed my first advent upon Mars.
As when a window is opened a whiff of fresh air from the fields enters a stuffy room, so a whiff of youthfulness, energy, and confidence of success reached Kutuzov's cheerless staff with the galloping advent of all these brilliant young men.
CHEESE ADVENT CALENDAR PS8, Asda BRIE-LIEVE it or not, this features 24 different cheeses - everything from Applewood to Mexicana and Jarlsberg.
Advent, which comes from the Latin word for "arrival" - adventus - is also (http://www.