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The morphology of these words bears the typically adverbial suffix that has been attached to a systematically available unmarked adjectival base, but their syntactic function is predicative and their categorial meaning is more compatible with the word-class adjective than with the word-class adverb, i.e.
This can be used to lead into formal teaching of types of adverb and adverbial phrase.
In Spanish this manipulation involves some formal differences between the two adverbial constructions: the after clause uses two words (despues de) and the infinitive verb, whereas while clause employs only one adverbial word (mientras) and the imperfect past tense verb.
The group of Adverbial idioms basically consists of prepositional phrases that perform the function of both the Adjectives and Adverbs in the sentence.
(Geldner, RV III: 38) Here, nijaghni- modified by the adverbial instrumental ojasa 'with strength', a clear indication that we are not dealing with a true agent noun, since these are never modified by adverbs, but with a participial form.
It was designed in such a way as to permit that each hypothesis be tested individually by comparing two sets of four middles differing minimally with respect to each of the factors under investigation (aspectuality, affectedness, adverbial modification and definiteness of the subject).
While the locative meaning is still present in adverbials like e.g.
In the same way, the internal clause constituents were identified and categorized into complement clause and adverbial clause structures.
The government thinks recognising a fronted adverbial is more important than thinking critically Elizabeth Grey
That she had, by some miracle, managed to make a living as an author, despite having NEVER heard of 'fronted adverbials'!