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ADZSan Andres Island, Colombia (Airport Code)
ADZAmphibious Defense Zone (US DoD)
ADZAirport Development Zone
ADZAgricultural Development Zone (Wisconsin Department of Commerce)
ADZAir Defense Zone
ADZAardvark, Dean, and Zed (UK)
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The geometrical parameters of the system are its length L, the position [x.sub.d] below the water-sediment interface of the ADZ, and its thickness hd.
Pakidztan nieieddz a big shangie and only miedia idz now, adz mush powierful.
The main advantage of "Adz" is that it integrates very well banner ads, text ads, pay-per-impression, pay-per-click and pay-per-action.
Street Knowledge, by artist and author King Adz, is a groundbreaking, encyclopedic insider's guide to the world's fantastically diverse urban landscapes and the arts cultures that identify each of these places as unique neighborhoods.
"We have recently issued guidance to all areas to help them better understand how to set up and run an ADZ should they wish to do so."
Mr Blackett added: "We are writing to give our full support to the initiatives being developed by the City Region of Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country - particularly its proposition of a City Region Transport Accelerated Development Zone (ADZ), its Multi Area Agreement (MAA) proposal to boost skills levels and reduce economic inactivity, and its submission to be a City Region Forerunner."
16-19--ECRM: Pharmacy Services, Technology and Automation, Scottsdale Plaza Resort, Scottsdale, Adz.
The Target Markets Program Administrators Association is hosting its eighth annual summit in Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, Adz. Highlights include program specific education and meeting opportunities with decision makers at 40 program markets.
353 110 207 Traditionally White Institutions 3 University of Phoenix--Online Campus Adz. 722 332 888 5 Georgia State University Ga.
For two years he chaired the Mesa (Adz.) Mayor's Committee on Handicap Awareness.
delegation included Larry Klein, mayor, Palo Alto, Calif; Paul Natale, mayor, Commerce City, Colo.; Chuck Wolf councilmember, Avondale, Adz.; David Fitzhugh, assistant city manager, Avondale; Valarie McCall, chief of government operations, Cleveland; and I.