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ADZSan Andres Island, Colombia (Airport Code)
ADZAmphibious Defense Zone (US DoD)
ADZAirport Development Zone
ADZAgricultural Development Zone (Wisconsin Department of Commerce)
ADZAir Defense Zone
ADZAardvark, Dean, and Zed (UK)
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ADZs are a mechanism based on the United States model of Tax Increment Financing that allows local authorities to borrow against future tax income to pay for infrastructure.
However, there seems to be common consent that ADZs are the way forward if major cities like Birmingham are to improve transport, housing and job prospects.
But the others decided he was better as a singer and so called up Adz.
The mechanism offered by ADZs would provide a step change in the infrastructure we need if cities like Birmingham are to be competitive in the global economy.
The ADZ Series suspensions are available in single, tandem and tridem axle configurations, ranging from 23,000 lbs to 78,000 lbs.
But, and here's the cruncher, the British Government appear unwilling to countenance ADZs, preferring instead to allow councils to raise additional income by imposing a 2p supplementary rate on businesses.
The ADZ concept has the potential to support the delivery of a number of the North East''s regeneration priorities and we continue to work with our clients and Government to develop opportunities for change from the impending funding crisis.
In the North East we are working closely with Newcastle City Council, assisting them in proactively considering new funding approaches and supporting their ambition to be one of the first ADZ pilots.
There will also be the opportunity for local authorities to borrow on the income stream generated from the new business rates and invest in the ADZ, as Newcastle has had the foresight to do at Science Central, investing upfront and enabling infrastructure.
The proposal is to warn operators that an ADZ could be on its way unless there is a dramatic improvement in behaviour.
Marshall allegedly told investors that Adz would buy cars to display advertisements on large computer monitors installed into the car's doors, roof and trunk.
Caption: Shown here at World of Concrete 2017, the FDB4000 has been upgraded with the SAF-Holland ADZ Vocational air drive rear tandem suspension.