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aecXMLArchitecture-Engineering-Construction Extensible Markup Language
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Bentley has a long-term commitment to open standards for AEC data exchange, including leading the development of aecXML.
From Web-based communication and collaboration, to information gathering and materials procurement, building industry professionals will benefit from the common data exchange standard captured in the forthcoming aecXML schema.
The goal is to have these standards adopted as a PlantXML Schema under the Plant Working Group of the aecXML organization within the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI).
The IAI-adopted IFCs and aecXML schema provide the necessary framework for facilitating this industry-wide sharing of information, paving the way for effective Web-based communication and collaboration among all AEC+FM disciplines.
aecXML is an open standard for the AEC industry based on the eXtensible Markup Language (XML), the hottest new internet standard for data interchange.
By streamlining the process and creating a unified strategy to facilitate the exchange of AEC information over the Internet, the IAI aecXML initiative represents significant cost savings potential for the entire industry.
Leading public and private sector firms presented their initial work on developing aecXML schema to sharply improve the exchange of information in areas such as pricing, soliciting and receiving quotes, specifications, classification, and e-commerce.
By establishing aecXML and IFC as common AEC frameworks for interoperability, Revit Technology and the IAI will promote the use of industry-specific data models over the Internet for the successful collaboration and exchange of information by AEC professionals.
Kingston, MA) today announced the integration of Bentley's MicroStation(R) TriForma(R) and Means CostWorks(TM) using aecXML.
0 is fully compatible with the most recent revisions of the aecXML guidelines and the BizTalk framework.
One such initiative is aecXML, a component description language specifically designed to bolster unrestricted collaboration between professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industries.
Primavera and Bentley jointly initiated the aecXML initiative and have supported the Industry Alliance for Interoperability (IAI), which is now responsible for proliferating the standard throughout the architecture, engineering and construction industries.