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AEROAviation Industry (internet domain name)
AEROAlternative Education Resource Organization (Roslyn Heights, NY)
AEROAeropostle (retail)
AEROAuthentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open (Microsoft Windows Vista)
AEROAmerican Education Reaches Out (Project)
AEROAdvanced Engineering Research Organization (government contractors)
AEROAssociation for Excellence in Reactor Operations
AEROAerospace Education and Research Organization (University of Tennessee)
AEROAlabama Emergency Medical Services Region One (Huntsville, AL)
AEROAerospace, Education, Research & Operations Institute (Palmdale, CA)
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Employment in the commercial aerospace and defense sectors peaked in the late 1980s, after military growth during the Reagan administration.
Burner has referred to his company as the "Rodney Danger field of the aerospace industry" because he says it doesn't get the respect from Wall Street that he feels it deserves.
Rexnord Aerospace and Dixie Aerospace will work collectively to provide complete solutions for customers.
That is exactly what drew ITT Aerospace to Valencia eight years ago from Burbank and Chatsworth, according to Bob Briggs, the company's vice president and general manager.
In the coming years, aerospace engineers will need to completely re-engineer their entire product development process, from conceptual design to manufacturing and quality assurance, to realize the business benefits and technology advancements that composite materials promise," said Steve Luby, president and CEO at VISTAGY, Inc.
Hosted by College of the Canyons, the conference attracted more than 100 representatives of aerospace firms, government offices and municipal economic agencies.
However, California now faces stiffer competition from other states in attracting aerospace work.
Market Definition - The aerospace and defense markets value is comprised of military aerospace and defense spending and spending on civil aerospace equipment.
Germany's DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, or DASA, which until recently had been expected to merge with British Aerospace, said the deal could make other defense mergers difficult and ``create an obstacle to European integration.
Smiths Aerospace was one of the first aerospace companies to introduce PBL programs in 1997 with a program to support the RAF Hercules SCNS (Self-Contained Navigation System).
The study also concludes the state needs to galvanize its efforts to seek out aerospace work.
a leader in the aerospace industry, to act as consulting engineers on its Hydratus bus.
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