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The ramifications of this program transcend the vehicle industry, to many other industries including aerospace.
Combined with an earlier announced tax relief bill for the Joint Strike Fighter program, Runner is working on three fronts to direct more of the state's energy toward attracting aerospace projects to the Antelope Valley.
Rosemount Aerospace operates manufacturing facilities in Burnsville and Egan, Minn.
Argo-Tech strengthens Eaton's major commercial and military aerospace platform content and significantly increases Eaton's aftermarket opportunities.
A recent economic conference hosted by the Small Manufacturers Association of California was held to discuss the future of California's aerospace market.
An American, he joined British Aerospace in April 1976, working for Hawker Siddeley.
To ensure design consistency, Aerospace Toolbox comes with utilities for unit conversions, coordinate transformations, and quaternion math, along with standards-based environmental models for the atmosphere, gravity, and magnetic fields.
British Aerospace is a publicly-owned corporation with $18 billion annual sales in 1991.
With over three decades of experience in PAS markets as a naval officer, Wall Street investment banker and investor, Kutler is a well-known industry specialist with intimate knowledge of the global aerospace and defense sectors.
John Ferrie, President of Smiths Aerospace, said: "We welcome this important project and are delighted to be contributing our extensive capabilities in vehicle systems which draw on our leading edge digital and electrical power technologies.
2 Applications of Aerospace technologies in Industries
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