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AEREAtomic Energy Research Establishment
AEREAerospace Engineer (Canadian Forces)
AEREAssociation of Environmental & Resource Economists
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And while creating a self-healing airplane is far in the future, this significant research on the composite structure of teeth can already begin to inspire aerospace engineers - and, of course, dentists.
Aerospace engineers say that current space gear, which includes a suit that is extremely heavy and stiff, won't cut it.
It focused on the way that networks are currently used by aerospace engineers to facilitate communication and otherwise assist in the performance of work tasks.
So is she an aerospace engineer or a mechanical engineer?
The aerospace engineer is the person who designs these vehicles, and he or she must meet criteria for designs that help the vehicles overcome obstacles presented by the environment.
In his new position, Castillo--an aerospace engineer by training--is responsible for developing and implementing the college's institutional research and planning programs, including state reporting, college planning, demographic studies, community needs assessments and other measures of institutional effectiveness.
Kudva, an aerospace engineer who led the Smart Wing program when he was at Northrop Grumman in El Segundo, Calif.
Aerospace Engineer: Designs aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft
Peronneau's father, an aerospace engineer, and mother, who began as a registered nurse and later became an attorney, always encouraged her to follow a traditional career path.
The brainchild of aerospace engineer Burl Rutan the Proteus aircraft is named after the Greek god who changes form because the jet does just that: it can carry a telecommunications satellite dish or transport and launch a rocket ship,
Former aerospace engineer Bernard Quinn, 57, was arrested on Sunday trying to drive through the gates of the Princess's home, Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire.
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