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And she should hear me say, Amy: affectionately, quite dutifully and affectionately: how well she looked, considering her time of life.
My dear," added Priscilla, pressing her sister's hand affectionately as they walked side by side, "you'll never be low when you've got a dairy.
Marmaduke smiled and nodded affectionately at the young couple, and closed the door after them.
He recognizes that such a goal is contingent on the work of an entire team and prides himself on Planned's management team, affectionately known as "Team Clean".
As part of this modernization, the Coast Guard recently replaced its seagoing and coastal buoy tender fleet, which Collins said are affectionately referred to in the Service as the "black hulls" due to their paint color.
The "weeping willow' is how Archbishop Hutchison affectionately describes his wife, who he met when they were both employees at the Arrow Shirt Company in Toronto.
Finkelstein, variously and affectionately called Jimmy or Jim, has an impressive publishing background, which began while he was a student at New York University working for his father, Jerry Finkelstein, publisher of the venerable New York Law Journal--founded in 1888--as well as a number of New York-area newspapers.
Our project vision included creating more homelike 'households,' a more welcoming focal point than the existing large nurses' station, and more flexible dining rooms, as well as opening up all of the glass-enclosed sitting rooms that our residents affectionately referred to as 'fishbowls,'" explains Mother Alice Marie Jones, lsp.
Paige and Pinch raise themselves, living unsupervised in their small, two-bedroom apartment they affectionately refer to as "the pseudo" because of its pseudo-Victorian style.
The book ends with the Cologne self-portrait, affectionately nicknamed the Joker, but this perhaps suggests the artificial finality of a particu larly dramatic instance.
Even so, when we look at them attentively and affectionately, we may perhaps sense the memory of soaring flights and reflections of the most intense light: in other words, what the German Romantics called poetry.