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AFFTAdult Faith Formation Team
AFFTAdoptive and Foster Family Training (Child Welfare Training Institute; Maine)
AFFTAmericans for Fair Taxation
AFFTAfrica Food for Thought (South Africa)
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Permitting the submission of reply evidence would be appropriate in this situation because a moving party's failure to anticipate a sham affidavit cannot be attributed to inadequate discovery efforts or other lack of preparation.
Because we reverse on the issue that [the affidavit requirement] directly conflicts with Rule 3 of our Rules of Civil Procedure, we need not address the remaining issues," Justice Robert Brown wrote for the court.
One unidentified informant told federal officials he overheard a company salesman tell the owners ``if they ever had product that was difficult to sell, they would make Fred buy it,'' the affidavit shows.
Owners of existing buildings should submit their affidavits of completion certifying compliance with RS 6-1 on or before July 1, 2006, or may hire an architect or engineer to do so for them.
Construction of the rules as to the issue of whether financial affidavit can be waived has led to different standards for simplified dissolutions as opposed to original proceedings.
In his first affidavit, Adorco said Kerwin and Lim have a total of four transactions in 2014 but in his supplemental affidavit he said that per transaction involved 40 kilos of shabu.
Malala has been on an offensive to test the commitment of the MPS and says he will name and shame those who shall not have signed the affidavit by end of today.
At the inception of hearing Omar Ijaz Gillani advocate appeared on behalf of the petitioner in the court and on the other side deputy commissioner Islamabad Capt (Retd) Mushtaq filed affidavit.
One of the shooters, an admitted cocaine dealer and addict, was trying to collect from another person on a drug-deal debt, and a dispute over the payment prompted the exchange of gunfire, according to the affidavit.
If people are dying you do not need 24 hours to file an affidavit.
The PBF warned that registration of the club would be cancelled if failed to submit affidavit within the given time.
But first it was Lashkar-e-Taiba's website, secondly it was David Headley's statement and thirdly it was central government affidavit in the Gujarat High Court, and Gujarat Police also said it.