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AFFAccelerated Free Fall (type of skydiving training)
AFFAdult FriendFinder (website)
AFFASEAN Football Federation
AFFAmerican FactFinder (US Census data retrieval system)
AFFAmerican Forest Foundation
AFFAdult Faith Formation
AFFAdvance Fee Fraud
AFFAbove Finished Floor
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AFFAdelaide Film Festival (Australia)
AFFAfrican Film Festival, Inc. (est. 1990; New York, NY)
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AFFAmerican Folk Festival
AFFAutonomous Formation Flight
AFFAlabama Farmers Federation (Montgomery, Alabama)
AFFAlliance for Fair Food (human rights organization)
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AFFAdult Freedom Foundation
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AFFASEAN Fisheries Federation
AFFAdvances in Financial Forecasting
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AFFAircraft Firefighting
AFFA Failing Firm
AFFAdolf Fredriks Flickkör (Stockholm, Sweden)
AFFAberration Free Focus
AFFArming, Fuzing, and Firing (weapons/munitions)
AFFColorado Springs USAF Academy United States (airport code)
AFFAcceptance and Ferry Flight
AFFAlways Friends Forever
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AFFArchives Française du Film (French: French Film Archives)
AFFAssociation Française des Fundraisers (French: French Fundraising Association)
AFFApplication for Funding (various organizations)
AFFAgriculture Forestry and Fishing (various organizations)
AFFAssociation Française de Funboard (French: French Funboard Association; windsurfing)
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AFFAssociation Française de Footbag (French: French Footbag Association)
AFFAssociation des Fabophiles Français (French: Association of French Fabophiles)
AFFAngels Fall First (album)
AFFAlimentation Fine de France (French: Fine Food of France)
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AFFAnimation Film Festival (various organizations)
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Connerly: If he fully utilized the power of the bully pulpit to draw our attention to race, rather than using this race panel to try and find a new rationale for affirmative action, he could say, "Look, America, I want you to gather in meeting rooms here to talk about black/white.
The results, recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, shed new light on why individuals might oppose affirmative action -- and offer new insights into how such policies may be more effectively framed.
For readers who still need convincing, Guerrero makes a compelling case throughout the book for the benefits of affirmative action to all students.
In the previous administration, the department worked to save affirmative action and defended it in the courts.
Looking at last year's admissions, Sander told me, "Our research clearly shows that class-based affirmative action produced more than twice as many black admissions as we would have had under a system entirely driven by LSATs and grades.
Nixon's role in the expansion of affirmative action is interesting given his use of political strategies that exploited political symbolism and demonized African Americans and other minorities.
Barack Obama, National Urban League President Marc Morial, and Southern Christian Leadership Conference President Martin Luther King III lent their support to local affirmative action advocates to fight the ban.
Middlebury officials later refuted their representative's assertion and denied they had plans for gay affirmative action, but other schools are cautiously pondering whether to consider sexual orientation in their admissions.
Bollinger (2003), in which the Court upheld narrowly tailored affirmative action in higher education.
Michigan became the center of the affirmative action debate in 2003 as the Supreme Court considered two lawsuits against the University of Michigan.
More importantly, an election out does not prevent the taxpayer from later affirmatively allocating GST exemption to a transfer (for which a previous election out had been made) on a timely filed gift tax return or an affirmative late allocation.