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AFIREAlliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment
AFIREAdvocates for Insuring Retardates Entitlements
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Tom was all afire and 'most out of breath when we come tearing in where Uncle Silas and Aunt Sally and Benny was.
The small grey eyes blinked, the lips moved, with greed; greed was the ruling passion; and though there was some good nature, some genuine kindliness, a true human touch, in the old toper, his greed was now so set afire by hope, that all other traits of character lay dormant.
Gunnar Branson, AFIRE CEO stated, "Commercial real estate continues to perform well and is an important part of any long-term investment portfolio strategy.
Prosecutors accused the Pakistani suspect of deliberately setting two vehicles afire.
The complainant, Safia Begum, who is the mother of deceased Sohail, has submitted in FIR that her son went to his in-laws in order to persuade his annoyed wife to come back to home but his in laws set him afire after pouring patrol on him.
When asked by court if she had used a lighter to set his clothes and sofa afire, the defendant contended that she had no reason to kill him.
"This is a very strong response," ( Afire  CEO Jim Fetgatter told Bloomberg.
AFIRE engine was involved in a collision with a vehicle as it was on its way to an emergency call in Southport yesterday.
A 22-year-old community college student in a mental health crisis doused himself with gasoline, set himself afire and then jumped into a campus fountain to put out the flames, authorities said.
The incident took place on Sunday evening when some persons of upper class community from nearby Basudiha and Siyasal villages allegedly set afire the huts of several dalits over a minor dispute.
commercial real estate (CRE) remains a "magnet" for foreign investment, according to the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE), Washington, D.C.