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AFOREAdiministradora de Fondos para el Retiro (Spanish)
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Put your back ag'in this wall, and look straight afore you.
I'll eat my breakfast afore they're the death of me," said he.
Lammeter--that's Miss Osgood as was--died afore the lasses was growed up; but for prosperity and everything respectable, there's no family more looked on.
You'll excoose me refoosin' to talk of perfeshunal subjucts afore meals.
It's God A'mighty's way o' quietening 'em, I reckon, afore they go to sleep.
When we tracked the Iroquois through the ‘Beech-woods,’ they drove the game afore them, for I hadn’t a morsel to eat from Monday morning come Wednesday sundown, and then I shot as fat a buck, on the Pennsylvany line, as ever mortal laid eyes on.
He came to see me once or twice, afore Maister Weston come, when I was so ill troubled in my mind; and as I had only very poor health besides, I made bold to send for him--and he came right enough.
Twice afore I mentioned thot door tull the owners," said Captain MacElrath.
In the preface Caxton tells us how, after he had printed some other books, many gentlemen came to him to ask him why he did not print a history of King Arthur, "which ought most to be remembered among us Englishmen afore all the Christian kings; to whom I answered that diverse men hold opinion that there was no such Arthur, and all such books as be made of him be but fained matters and fables.
I guess she thought such a handsome young husband was worth all 'at ever she had, and he might take it and welcome, but I lay she'll rue her bargain afore long.
At first the young gents was werry lively on him; but afore we got in, seeing how steady the old chap come on, they was quite quiet, and laid their heads together what they should do.
I got Heavens-hard drunk for sixteen year afore I took to this; but this don't hurt me, not to speak of.