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AGNActive Galactic Nucleus
AGNAgain (Amateur Radio)
AGNAcute Glomerulonephritis
AGNAccountants Global Network
AGNAir Gabon (ICAO code)
AGNAerojet General Nucleonics
AGNArmageddon Games Network
AGNArmageddon Games Network (game developer)
AGNAgence Geneviève Naturisme (French naturist real estate agency)
AGNAnwendungen der Informatik In Geistes- und Naturwissenschaften (Informatics, University Of Hamburg)
AGNAngry Gamer Network
AGNAustralian Gaming Network
AGNAutomatically Generated Number
AGNArts Graphiques Numériques (French: Digital Graphic Arts)
AGNAssis Global Networks (Japanese anime studio)
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It's something that two years ago, I didn't know if it would ever happen again.
With high drug costs, increasing uncertainty about health insurance drug and surgical cost reimbursement, and growing concerns about the side effects of pain medications, Play Again offers physicians and their patients a safe and effective dietary supplement for alternative pain management backed by physician field trials and clinical research.
Once again old folk are lonely Once more children crying, Only time for fun and laughter No time for the dying.
God challenges Israel to take up its vocation once again.
SUPREME COURT Changes in the Supreme Court, S19-3 End of an Era, 03-9 A New Era for the Court, Mr6-4 A New Nominee, 031-5 Supreme Court and You, Ja9-10 Supreme Court Ins and Outs, D12-5 Supreme Court Shuffle, N28-5 UGANDA Uganda: Hope in a Troubled Land, N28-12 UKRAINE Who's Who/Government Leaders, 017&24-10 UNITED KINGDOM (see also GREAT BRITAIN) London Terror, S19-4 Terror Strikes Again and Again, D12-7 Who's Who/Government Leaders, 017&24-9 UNITED NATIONS Serbia: Emerging From a Bitter Past, Ap24-10 Sixty Years of the United Nations, 017&24-6 Trouble in Gaza, N14-10 Why Don't They Belong?
Exhale again and straighten your knees while lowering your feet about 20 degrees toward the floor.
In Humboldt's Gift, the idea that a woman might join in the life of the mind is dismissed again.
If The Dark Knight Strikes Again succeeds politically, it is not because the book offers a practical blueprint for revolution, but because it struggles to free itself from the conservatism of its genre.
Throughout the United States there is a growing feeling that the recession is over and most new economic statistics confirm that we are again in a period of growth.
The sacramental imagination invites us to become innocent again, the only cure for our schizophrenia, the only way to see clearly once again.
A good Panhandle voice is nonetheless enormously expressive, and can jump from a drawl to a snarl to a friendly croon to a yodel and back again in about a word.