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AGAPEAlternative Globalization Addressing Peoples and Earth
AGAPEAndromeda Galaxy and Amplified Pixels Experiment
AGAPEAssociation for Guidance, Aid, Placement and Empathy (Los Angeles, CA)
AGAPEAmateur Group for Astronomy Projects at ESO (European Southern Observatory; Germany and Chile)
AGAPEAndromeda Gravitational Amplification Pixel Experiment (est. 1992)
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Rokoff stood as though petrified, his eyes protruding from their sockets, his mouth agape, and the cold sweat of terror clammy upon his brow.
Alleyne, all unnerved at so strange and unwonted a sight, shrunk up against the wall with his eyes fixed upon the frenzied creature, which came bounding along with ungainly speed, looking the larger in the uncertain light, its huge jaws agape, with blood and slaver trickling to the ground.
Now, for some space the revellers stood agape, unable
One of the strategies that A New Agape identified to meet this goal of self-determination was the establishment of the office of a national indigenous bishop, which was realized with the appointment of Bishop Mark MacDonald in 2007.
Anders Nygren's influential study (Eros et Agape, 1944) presents eros and agape as human attributes, but attributes that are essentially in opposition.
Agape Health is based in the Huddersfield Media Centre and works with asylum seekers and refugees in the town.
Shot on and off over the course of the next three years, the result is We Are Together, a documentary that follows the Agape orphans, the Moya family in particular, as they cope with death and disappointment, the cancellation of a UK singing tour, and the burning down of the orphanage before finally performing in America alongside Alicia Keys and Paul Simon.
Ese acto creador es la primera expresion del agape.
Credited by helmer Taylor as co-writer, she also serves as the story link between Agape and her nearby family home, where her older siblings still live, her older brother Sifiso in ill health.
La familia lexica de agape aparece 44 veces en el Evangelio de Juan: el verbo agapao <<amar>>, 37; y el sustantivo agape <<amor, caridad>>, 7 veces.
The Spirit calls the body into being, and we will learn next week that agape love is the gift that must be the hallmark of the whole and the common gift of each of the individual members.