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AGAVEAccess Grid Augmented Virtual Environment
AGAVEAccess Grid Augmented Virtual Environment (University of Illinois, Chicago)
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The short supplies have forced some distillers, primarily the small-scale companies, to use plants that are only 4 years old, which yield a much smaller amount of tequila than the fully mature agave plants.
The company even goes beyond CRT [Tequila Regulatory Council] requirements by certifying their agave as organic for their entire seven to nine year lifespan, as opposed to just the two year minimum the CRT requires." Michaelsen concludes, "They're transparent and genuine, and you can't find anything in the market today with this level of quality for these price points."
Traps were placed at ground level, close to an agave plant; the between-trap distance was 100 m.
Made from the cupreata agave in Michoacan at 6,000 feet above sea level, this mezcal is floral, peppery, and herbaceous.
"Huge corporations are churning out giant volumes of tequila and spending enormous sums of money to advertise and market it, which draws attention to the tequila and agave spirits categories," notes Sean Duffin, a spokesperson for Siembra Azul Tequila.
Bartenders and agave aficionados are looking beyond mass-market tequila to smaller producers and varietal mezcals.
At the weekend I'll bring it to life as a margarita with lime, Cointreau and a squirt of agave syrup colliding with it in the shaker to make a drink that'll give even the most demure party guest a jolt.
It is made by fermenting the sap of the agave plant, which has been badly affected by the ongoing soil erosion.
The reason agave nectar is low on the GI is that there's very little glucose in it.
acupunctatus frequently are found in the basal leaf or inside the "pina", in high infestations this weevil can be found also in the agave heart and in the "quiote".