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Monseigneur," said he, "I demand such penalty as you shall deem fitting against the prisoner here present, for grave and aggravated offence against the court.
In aggravated cases, that is when the obstructions are many, or of such a nature as to deflect the bow more than forty-five degrees in any direction, or when the craft has reached its destination and dropped to within a hundred yards of the ground, the mechanism brings her to a full stop, at the same time sounding a loud alarm which will instantly awaken the pilot.
Vincy, whose expense in handsome crape seemed to imply the most presumptuous hopes, aggravated by a bloom of complexion which told pretty plainly that she was not a blood-relation, but of that generally objectionable class called wife's kin.
Smith-Oldwick was by this time beginning to feel more acutely the pain of his wounds and the consequent weakness that was greatly aggravated by loss of blood.
With the full knowledge that there was neither food nor water on board, the pangs of hunger and thirst became immediately aggravated, and so on the first day of their tragic adventure real suffering commenced in grim earnest, and the full horrors of shipwreck were upon them.
I said nothing; words, at such a ti me as that, would only have aggravated her distress.
The most complete cases of aggravated idiocy were, to his mind, rampant upon the front platforms of all the street cars.
The maidens, aggravated by such excessive labor, resolved to kill the cock who roused their mistress so early.
The nurse goes back to the sick-room at five minutes to eleven, or thereabouts, and finds that the bad symptoms of the morning have returned in a gravely aggravated form.
My situation, aggravated by the sense of my own miserable weakness and forgetfulness of myself, now too late awakened in me, was becoming intolerable.
Tulliver, turning to his sister; "but you know you aggravated me when you would have Moss.
Laird received a 60-day suspended jail term for the racially aggravated assault, a PS500 fine for the racially aggravated threatening behaviour and was ordered to pay PS1,000 compensation to the victim for her trauma.