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AGGAllgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz
AGGAyakashi: Ghost Guild (game)
AGGAggeus (Biblical prophet; aka Haggai)
AGGAesthetic Group Gymnastics (sport)
AGGAfrican Gold Group, Inc.
AGGAgammaglobulinemia (blood plasma)
AGGArnall Golden Gregory LLP (Atlanta, GA)
AGGAsociación de Gerentes de Guatemala (Managers' Association of Guatemala)
AGGAction-Graph Game (computer theory)
AGGAstronomische Gesellschaft Graubünden (Swiss astronomical society)
AGGAirborne Gravity Gradiometer
AGGAnn Gisel Glass (boutique; France)
AGGAntiterroristische Gemengde Groep (Dutch antiterrorist group)
AGGAuckland Girls Grammar (New Zealand)
AGGAgent to the Governor General (British)
AGGAirborne Ground Generators
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A statutory minimum non-parole period of three years will also apply to aggravated carjacking.
That's because Oregon law allows a charge of aggravated murder in cases where more than one person is killed as part of the same criminal episode.
After controlling for other possible causes such as community and household income, education, policing effort and incarceration rates, Mielke and Zahran found that for every one percent increase in tonnages of environmental lead released 22 years earlier, the present rate of aggravated assault was raised by 0.
In October 2004, an immigration judge found that Powell was not an aggravated felon because the state did not prosecute him as a recidivist drug offender.
He also admitted aggravated vehicle taking for an earlier incident in which he was a passenger in a stolen car involved in a high speed police chase.
This might suggest that there is an increase in racially and religiously aggravated offences but I think the explanation is more complex.
Racially or religiously aggravated other criminal damage: 9 8 10 Total: 811952 743
There were also 233 aggravated assaults last year, compared with 209 in 2005.
In February, he was arrested and charged with racially aggravated assault and a racially aggravated public order offence.
These states have 27 percent lower average violent crime rates than non-RTC states--including 32 percent lower murder rates, 45 percent lower robbery rates, and 20 percent lower aggravated assault rates.
Simon Johnson, 19, who was charged with racially aggravated criminal damage appeared in Sutton Magistrates court on Tuesday and Wednesday.
A 23 year-old man was yesterday remanded in custody after being accused of rape and aggravated burglary.