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AGILAirborne General Illumination Lightself (US DoD)
AGILAirport Group Investments Ltd. (various locations)
AGILAll Gas Iodine Laser
AGILAro Granite Industries Ltd. (India)
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Summary: International Medical Corps (IMC) and Agility, a global logistics leader, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that outlines plans to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian relief.
CF Geologistics has been acting as a joint venture partner and agent for Agility since 2004, with Agility having a 29 per cent stake in the company.
In a cat agility competition, the goal is to go through a course of six to 14 obstacles (depending on the class) with the fastest time and fewest faults possible.
Agility Systems was set up in 1995 as Barcode Solution Centre and was rebranded in 2002.
Our initial thought was agility demonstrations at major vet conferences.
While based on the Agility exercise system, a series of physical challenges for dogs and their trainers developed in England in the late 1970s, this pet hangout is designed primarily for canine entertainment.
The roots of agility go back to 1991, when Congress directed the Department of Defense to create a task force to examine U.
a radiation oncologist at Legacy, she and her colleagues are eagerly anticipating the patient benefits Agility will bring.
Pursuant to the asset purchase agreement, and subject to its terms and conditions, the transaction will include the assets and rights relating to the Agility business, including the Agility and Agility+ applications and platform, the global media database and customer contracts in the United States and United Kingdom.
Others define agility as "the ability to maintain or control body position while quickly changing direction during a series of movements" (Twist and Benickly, 1995).
The Agility Distribution Park, one of a series of logistics hubs that Agility is building across the African continent, will provide international standard logistics infrastructure to local, regional and global companies operating in Ghana.
Agility, a leading global logistics and logistical infrastructure provider, today broke ground on construction of a distribution park on a 40-acre site in the Tema Port Free Trade Zone Enclave in Accra, Ghana.