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AGONAncient Games of Nations (gaming)
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Agon noted that 2014 was also a year of transformation for L'Oreal, in particular through the acceleration of its digital transformation and strategic acquisitions such as Magic, NYX, Decleor, Carita and Niely, which complement its brand portfolio in key categories and regions of the world.
Though she claims at the outset that she is "quite mindful of the problematic temptation to try to tame or soften Nietzsche's ideas about power," her argument about the value-generating and community-building aspects of the agon tends to do just that.
Intergraph is pleased to be a part of AGON GIS-project and look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with DB AG," says Dr.
A more extensive comparison between Greek agon and "egalitarianism" with something like Chinese "role fulfillment" or "role expression," for example, would have better explained how the Chinese ideals had their own logic, integrity, and social advantages.
Leon Agba, a certified financial management counsellor and Agon Project project coordinator at ABEPEC, says, 'The Agon Project is the first of its kind in Benin to address the needs of the agricultural sector in such an inclusive and holistic way.
Jorge Aguilar Agon exhibition commemorates the artist's 75th anniversary, 55 years of which have been spent as a professional painter.
IF AGON provides a lesson in how point and click can go wrong, Jack Keane happily shows how a low-key release can be a pleasant surprise.
Being Balanchine, Agon is, above all, an ensemble piece, but the pas de deux performed by Jenna Roberts and Tyrone Singleton will linger in memory.
Agon was speaking in Paris as L'Oreal reported UK sales up 4% in 2006.
The ensemble was founded in 1995 by a group of Prague musicians and composers around the composer and conductor Miroslav Pudlak--incidentally also a co-founder of the Agon Ensemble mentioned above--, and the clarinettist Kamil Dolezal.
Christ's moment of doubt was so strong that it is called an "agony," from the Greek word agon, meaning "suffering.
This idyllic moment is not destined to last; Agon must hunt and kill the mighty Xaba-Har and return to his village with its head within three days as an offering to Madorak, the Death God.