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AGGIEAgricultural (agricultural school, college or a student there)
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I have been spending my time lately--as I told you just now--in an agricultural district.
The vile Laws of Supply and Demand shall find labor scarce in that agricultural district; and pitiless Political Economy shall spend a few extra shillings on the poor, as certainly as I am that Radical, Communist, and Incendiary--Julian Gray
I am reading the Agricultural Chemistry," said this excellent baronet, "because I am going to take one of the farms into my own hands, and see if something cannot be done in setting a good pattern of farming among my tenants.
Lastly, the quantity of ironware that we use is so large that an agricultural implement and tool-maker has removed into the town, and is very well satisfied with the result.
Before I retired for the night he promised to give me a letter to a nearby agricultural officer who would help me on my way to Zodanga, which he said, was the nearest Martian city.
Petersburg it was autumn--a season when, in the country, the weather is clear and keen and bright, all agricultural labour has come to an end, the great sheaves of corn are safely garnered in the byre, and the birds are flying hither and thither in clamorous flocks.
In agricultural England, eligible men of any class are rare.
After mechanically attempting to pursue his agricultural plans as though nothing unusual had happened, in the manner recommended by the great and wise men of all ages, he concluded that very few of those great and wise men had ever gone so far outside themselves as to test the feasibility of their counsel.
He was as deeply interested in her cooking and her music as she was in his agricultural adventures in the vegetable garden.
The share of agricultural imports to total imports, however,declined to 12.
At present, with steady progress made in a new round of rural financial reform, the rural financial services system has been gradually perfected, the rural financial services innovation has been constantly emerged, the rural financial infrastructure construction has been accelerated, the rural financial services level has been effectively improved (the rural financial services team of the People's Bank of China, 2015), which provides service guarantee to realize the comprehensive promotion of agricultural production efficiency.
The approved measure, House Bill 6421, or the proposed "Philippine Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Act," substituted HB 4175 authored by Reps.
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