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AHEMAssociation of Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers
AHEMAnimaniacs Handy Episode Manual (TV series)
AHEMAnimal Health Emergency Management (various locations)
AHEMAdvocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc (Arlington, MA)
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Wardan demanded that the government and President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi help the residents of Ahem by sending de-mining experts and protection for civilians.
(5.) Ahem M, Kovats RS, Wilkinson P, Few R, Matthies F.
Presenter Tom Ahem, president of Ahem Communications, a consulting company that specializes in capital campaign materials and other fundraising communications, said that effective newsletters are ones that know how to interest strangers.
You know what I mean?" Ahem. We hear ya, loud and clear.
I was appalled at the article on President Bush (Ahem, March 2005) where the writer questioned whether Bush could be considered 'Christian', qualifying that being pro-life and pro-family do not necessarily make you so.
In the case of the mallard, the male dons the regal finery, while the female goes (ahem) "hencognito."
I hear that Malachi, who is described by his PR people as 'the handsome young Irishman who charmed us all in the first series of Fame Academy' (ahem!) is about to embark on a UK tour.
A private investigator suddenly whisks Tabitha away one evening because her (ahem!) skills are needed for a covert operation to entrap a popular actor with a fetish for underage girls.
"Call me naive," Sloan wrote in the May 5th issue, "but it seems to me that we should be discussing ideas on their merits, not the relative size of people's, ahem, policies.
For reasons I'd rather not go into I got stuck in the German section of ArchINFORM at www.archinform.net and had to check back with Review's site at www.arplus.com (click on Directories and then, ahem, Browser).
Betty Marsh Don Backus and Margaret Beach, along with other things such as newspaper clippings, photos (including one of the church that the new building replaced) and (ahem) copies of the Presbyterian Record.
AHEM! Now that I have your attention, can we talk about all the unintended baggage this word - er, sound - carries?