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Wood's skills and dedication as company commander ultimately led to his nomination and assignment as aide-de-camp for the commanding general, SDDC, Maj.
I was active duly and knew absolutely nothing about the Reserve, let alone my new duties as an aide-de-camp.
Taylor was trying to escape in a vehicle with his son, an aide-de-camp and a local guide, along with two 50 kilogramme sacks filled with cash in US dollars and euros, according to Nigerian police official Alhaji Mohammed Aminu Bello.
Before the revolution of 1956 she "employed" General Bela Kiraly (who had just been released from jail) as a gardener; offered shelter to Kiraly's aide-de-camp, a young wounded army officer; and unfailingly helped the families of writers and politicians imprisoned in 1957 by Janos Kadar's vengeful communists.
George Washington hired the 20-year-old Hamilton as his aide-de-camp, and he was soon functioning as Washington's unofficial chief of staff.
There are a lot of similarities between the military and business, said Lamb, who was stationed in Germany in the early 1980s and served as a scout platoon leader, commander of a mechanized infantry company and aide-de-camp to the commanding general of the 1st Infantry Division.
Meanwhile, one of hubby James's ancestors was the Duke of Wellington's aide-de-camp at Waterloo.
The theft happened at the Theatre Royal in Brighton, where Clary (above) is playing Dandini, Prince Charming's aide-de-camp, in Cinderella.
And I am also an honorary aide-de-camp for Prince Swebomin of Burma - he's the godfather of my young daughter Lucy.
swash-bucklers, riders on the Spanish main, swordsmen, petty nobility, an aide-de-camp to the