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AILAileron (aviation)
AILAmerican Income Life (insurance company)
AILAssociazione Italiana Contro Le Leucemie, Linfomi E Mieloma
AILAfghan Institute of Learning
AILAccademia Italiana Di Lingua (Italian international association of schools)
AILAll-Ireland League
AILAdvanced Imaging Laboratory
AILAdventures in Learning (Oregon State University)
AILArtificial Intelligence Laboratory
AILArtists in Labs (Zurich, Switzerland)
AILAccidentally in Love (song title)
AILAziende Industriali di Lugano SA
AILAdvanced Intercross Lines
AILAchievement Institute of Language
AILAirborne Instruments Laboratory
AILApproved Issuer Levy (New Zealand)
AILArab International Logistics
AILAtlantic Industries Ltd
AILAction Item List
AILAvionics Integration Laboratory
AILAmateur Inline League (inline skating)
AILAggressive In-Line (sport)
AILAnti Imperialist League
AILAdvanced Imagery Library
AILAncarim Iron Legion (Star Wars group)
AILAssociation Isépienne du Libre (French student association)
AILAudco India Ltd
AILAdventures in Life (Ministry; North Hills, CA)
AILAverage Item Level (World of Warcraft)
AILAnimation International Ltd
AILAnti-Internment League (Northern Ireland)
AILAiligandi Airport (Panama)
AILAids to Independent Living (Canadian Red Cross)
AILAgent Infrastructure Layer
AILApplication Interface Layer
AILAntarctic Infrastructure and Logistics (NSF Office of Polar Programs)
AILAssociate of the Institute of Linguists
AILAmbient Intelligence Lab
AILAtelier d'Ingénierie de La Louvière (Belgium)
AILAsset Interchange Language
AILARTS Integration Laboratory
AILAdvanced Innovations Ltd
AILAdvance Information Letter
AILAutomated Integrated Language
AILAssign Interswitch Link
AILArterial ICC (Interstitial Cells of Cajal)-Like
AILAutomotive Industries Limited
AILACES International Ltd
AILAvailability/Improvement List (commercial aviation)
AILAgencia Informativa Latinoamericana
AILAnswerthink India Limited
AILAssociação Internacional de Lusitanistas (Portuguese: International Lusitania Association)
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For CFD simulations, four different equally spaced sections have been used, along with a 3D model of the complete aileron, thus being able to study the 2D air flow at different locations on the wing's span and also providing an overall image of the three-dimensional flow pattern.
The production of ailerons for the Airbus A320 has paved the way for the successful introduction of the Lean initiative at Saab Aerostructures.
I brought up the flight-controls-systems (FCS) page and noticed both ailerons were completely X'd out, indicating they were not working.
Mr O'Toole said: "CPP has unique knowledge and experience of the current model line-up, and its purposebuilt assembly facility in Coventry is ready to immediately 'switch on' production of the new flagship Spyker C8 Aileron supercar.
CPP, which is backed by Russian businessman Vladimir Antonov, had supplied bodies and chassis for several years to Spyker before last year announcing it was making the C8 Aileron in the city on behalf of the Dutch compnay.
Airbus and Mubadala Development Company sign agreements for the manufacture and assembly of aileron composite components for Airbus A330 & A340 aircraft
GlaxoSmithKline is expected to inject some capital into a fundraising by Aileron Therapeutics in conjunction with other companies such as Novartis, Roche and Eli Lilly.
Air Accident Investigators say a bolt fell out, jamming the aileron at a 90 degree angle.
The aileron has a thin hexagonal root section that gradually transforms into a smaller diamond-shaped tip section, with "almost sharp" leading and trailing edges over its entire span.
With an aileron servo overheating and facing impending aileron failure, they successfully recovered the aircraft with only minimal aileron control available.
The flaperon is an aerodynamic surface that increases the wing's lift during takeoff and landing - like a traditional flap - and also is used as an aileron for roll control.