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AIMAOL Instant Messenger
AIMAlternative Investment Market
AIMAmerican Indian Movement
AIMAsian Institute of Management (Manila)
AIMAustralian Institute of Management
AIMAdventures in Missions
AIMApplied Information Management
AIMAccuracy In Media
AIMAdult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation
AIMAmerican Institute of Mathematics
AIMAssociated Industries of Massachusetts
AIMAfrica Inland Mission
AIMAeronautical Information Manual
AIMAPSE (Ada Programming Support Environment) Interactive Monitor
AIMAlternative Investment Management
AIMArtificial Intelligence in Medicine (journal)
AIMAnnals of Internal Medicine
AIMAutomatic Identification and Mobility (Association for )
AIMAdministrators of Internal Medicine
AIMAlcohol in Moderation
AIMAccess for Infants and Mothers (Canada)
AIMAdvanced Integration Module (Cisco)
AIMAdvanced Integrated Matrix
AIMAdvanced Intelligent Mechatronics
AIMArtificial Intelligence in Medicine
AIMAssociation of Independent Music
AIMAnugerah Industri Muzik
AIMAmerican Institute of Mining
AIMAdvanced Information Management
AIMArchives of Iranian Medicine
AIMAeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere
AIMApplication Integration Middleware
AIMAssociation Internationale de la Mutualite (French: health insurance and social protection group)
AIMAnimation and Interactive Media
AIMAustralian Institute of Music
AIMAccurate Image Manipulation
AIMAdventures in Music
AIMAdministrators In Medicine
AIMAir Intercept Missile
AIMAid to Injured Motorcyclists (legal organization)
AIMAchievement Improvement Monitor (Australia)
AIMApple, IBM and Motorola
AIMAssociation for Information Management
AIMAutomated Information Management
AIMAssociation of Independent Museums
AIMAssociate In Ministry
AIMAssociate In Management
AIMAdvanced Inventory Management (Telco Research)
AIMAsset Information Management (finance)
AIMAbrams Integrated Management
AIMAmerican Imaging Management, Inc.
AIMAccounting Information Management
AIMAthletes in Motion
AIMAutomatic Investment Management
AIMAssociation for Interactive Media
AIMAfrican Inland Mission
AIMAdvanced Informatics in Medicine
AIMAfrican Index Medicus
AIMAbridged Index Medicus
AIMAssociation for Interactive Marketing
AIMApplication Implementation Methodology
AIMApplication Interpreted Model
AIMAirman's Information Manual (US DoD)
AIMAccess Isolation Mechanism
AIMAnalog Input Module
AIMAssociation Information et Management
AIMAdvanced Idea Mechanics
AIMAcademy Introduction Mission
AIMAlternativna Informativna Mreza (Balkans: Alternative Information Network)
AIMArmenian International Magazine
AIMAsia Pacific Integrated Model
AIMAftercare for Indiana through Mentoring
AIMAssociation des Industries de Marque (European Brands Association)
AIMAccelerative Integrated Method
AIMAgoraphobics in Motion
AIMAdaptive Integral Method
AIMAlliance for International Monasticism
AIMAsia-Pacific Institute of Management (India; also seen as APIM)
AIMAmerican Institute of Management
AIMAdvanced Industrial Materials
AIMAcquisition Information Management
AIMAgencia Informação Moçambique (Mozambique News Agency)
AIMApplication Infrastructure Management
AIMActions in the Mediterranean
AIMJustice and Freedom Party (Fiji)
AIMAuxiliaries in Ministry
AIMAutomatic Identification Manufacturers, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
AIMAlternative Instructional Methods
AIMAssets in Motion
AIMAcadémie Internationale de Management ( International Academy of Management; Paris, France)
AIMAlternate Input Method (OS/2)
AIMAssociation of Immunization Managers
AIMAmerican Institute of Monterrey
AIMAdvanced Industrial Management
AIMAssociation of Imaging Manufacturers
AIMArchive of Internal Medicine
AIMAutomatic Interface Management
AIMAscend Inverse Multiplexing (Ascend)
AIMApologetics Information Ministry
AIMATM Inverse Multiplexer (ATMF)
AIMAdvanced Induction Motor
AIMAssociation for Integrative Medicine
AIMApplied Innovation Management, Inc.
AIMAether Intelligent Messaging (Aether Systems, Inc.)
AIMAsynchronous IP Mirroring (iSCSI configurations)
AIMAlliance to Improve Medicare
AIMArmy Information Management
AIMAdvanced Invar Mask (ViewSonic CRT display technology)
AIMAsynchronous Interface Module
AIMAudio in Multimedia
AIMAlpha Iota Mu (honor society for information systems)
AIMArtificial Intelligence Management
AIMAstrometric Interferometry Mission
AIMAssociation of Integrated Media
AIMAviation Information Manual (US FAA)
AIMAssociation française pour les applications de l'Informatique à la Médecine
AIMAlarm Interface Module (Telabs)
AIMAmerican Innerspring Manufacturers
AIMAssociation des Ingénieurs de Montefiore (Montefiore Electrical Engineers Association)
AIMArtificial Intelligence Marketing
AIMACT Information Manager
AIMAlliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford
AIMAssessment Information Manager
AIMAmplitude Intensity Modulation (ITS)
AIMApplication and Interface Module (Com21 cable modem)
AIMAdvanced ISR Management
AIMAcquisition Interface Module
AIMATFM Information Message (Air Traffic Control)
AIMAdvanced Instrumentation and Measurement
AIMAnalog Intensity Modulation
AIMAtoms in Molecules Method
AIMAdvanced Interactive Microcomputer
AIMAnthropological Institute & Museum (University of Zurich)
AIMAtypical Infant Motivation
AIMAfrica Inter-Mennonite Mission
AIMAerospace Information Management
AIMActive Inert Missile
AIMAnderson-Moore Algorithm
AIMAvailability Intermediate Manager (IBM Tivoli)
AIMAnother Image Manager
AIMAvian Inventory and Monitoring (team)
AIMAustralian Institute of Ministry
AIMAuthoring Instructional Material
AIMAction Item Master
AIMAccunet Information Manager (AT&T)
AIMAlternative Intervention Method
AIMArtificial Indoor Mountain (British Snowboard & Ski competition)
AIMProgramme Telematics Systems for Health Care
AIMAirborne Intercept Missile
AIMASAS Interface Module
AIMAdrenaline Ingenierie Multimedia
AIMAdaptive Image Manager
AIMAutomated Intrusion Monitoring System
AIMAnalytical Instrumentation Group
AIMAdventures in Movement for the Handicapped, Inc.
AIMAda Interactive Monitor
AIMAntenna Interface Module
AIMAbsorption Isotherm Measurement
AIMAlabama Industry & Manufacturers Association
AIMAir-Isolated Monolithic
AIMAbductory Inductive Mechanism
AIMAdaptive Internetwork Management (Ungerman Bass)
AIMArtificial Intelligence Markets
AIMAdvocacy Internship for Manufacturers
AIMAccountable Item Management
AIMAdiabatic Invariance Method (ion-molecular reactions)
AIMAssociazione Italiana Mancini
AIMAmerican International Mobility Resources
AIMAutomated Informed Maintenance (NASA)
AIMAdvanced Interconnect Modeling
AIMAudio Indicate Mute
AIMAmsterdam Interprofessional Market
AIMAdvanced Isolation Methods
AIMAdventures In Ministry, Inc.
AIMAdvanced Integrated Multiplex
AIMArtificial Ionization Mirror
AIMAutomated INFOS Migration (Transoft)
AIMAssignment Interactive Module (Army)
AIMAssociation Francais d'Informatique Medicale (French Association for Medical Computing)
AIMAdvanced Infrared Module
AIMAutomated Internal Management (NSSDC)
AIMAnalytical Instrumentation Module
AIMAdaptive Injection Molding
AIMAdvanced INFOSEC Module
AIMAstrophysique Intéractions Multiéchelles (French: Astrophysics Multi-Scale Interactions)
AIMAutomatic Inflation Module
AIMAssurance Implementation Matrix
AIMAmbulatory Information Management Association
AIMAustro Internet Mail
AIMAutomatic Interrupting Motor-operated
AIMAutomatic Insert Machine
AIMAirlift Import Manager
AIMAuroral Ionospheric Mapper
AIMAerial and Industrial Materials (Kodak)
AIMAlianza Internacional de Mujeres (Spanish: International Alliance of Women)
AIMAwaiting Incoming Message
AIMAutomated Instructional Material
AIMAssociation of Image Makers
AIMAssociated Independent Miners
AIMAir Improvement Meeting
AIMAlarm Indicator Module
AIMATU Interface Module
AIMAlliance InterMonasteries
AIMAlarm Indication Message (Lucent)
AIMAir Inflation Module
AIMATC Initiatives & Measures
AIMATM Internet Mode
AIMAmplitude Inter-Modulation distortion
AIMAssociation des Ingénieurs de la Faculté Polytechnique de Mons (French)
AIMActively Improving Mathematics (Woodgrove Primary School Singapore)
AIMAddition Identity Management (Addition IT Services Sweden AB)
AIMAutomated In-line Mailer
AIMAutomated Inserting Machine
AIMActivity Information Models (Orient Point Consulting LLC)
AIMAsians in Media (magazine; UK)
AIMApartment Internet Marketing (conference)
AIMAsset Investment Management
AIMAssessing the Impact (various organizations)
AIMAssistance in Marketing (various locations)
AIMAmazon Inventory Management (online retailer)
References in classic literature ?
I had sadly broken sleep when I got to bed, through thinking of the strange man taking aim at me with his invisible gun, and of the guiltily coarse and common thing it was, to be on secret terms of conspiracy with convicts - a feature in my low career that I had previously forgotten.
Menelaus next took aim, praying to Father Jove as he did so.
The nerves of the wood-chopper were not so easily shaken, and he took his aim with the utmost deliberation.
That, the author declares, is one of the principal aims of this book; it is one of the principal aims of his life.
At length one presented himself; he was a sharp- shooter of the regiment of Picardy, named Luzerne, who took aim at the animal, fired, and hit him in the quarters, for we saw the blood redden the hair of the horse.
Now I must disclose to you the chief aim of our Order," he said, "and if this aim coincides with yours, you may enter our Brotherhood with profit.
Well, the good quality of an age, the defect of which lies in the direction of intellectual anarchy and confusion, may well be eclecticism: in style, as in other things, it is well always to aim at the combination of as many excellences as possible--opposite excellences, it may be--those other beauties of prose.
Then he stood erect upon the swaying branch a hundred feet above the ground, and, raising one of the Arab guns to his shoulder, took careful aim and fired.
and tries to atone for the failure by taking a more correct and vicious aim.
It is high time that Communists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Spectre of Communism with a Manifesto of the party itself.
Realism, in the broad sense, means simply the presentation of the actual, depicting life as one sees it, objectively, without such selection as aims deliberately to emphasize some particular aspects, such as the pleasant or attractive ones.
Nietzsche as a sociologist aims at an aristocratic arrangement of society.