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The plan to increase the pallet count for Theater Express consisted of first garnering the support of the Air Mobility Division, which was the executor of the program and determined what flew by civilian or military aircraft.
The AOC's air mobility division process could serve as a model for a theater C2 structure for incipient cyber forces--a cyber war-fighting element (CWE).
(5.) 612th Air Operations Center / Air Mobility Division, briefing, subject: Operation Unified Response, 26 March 2010.
The following morning, I submitted a Joint Movement Request and had the CDDOC Mission Division convince Air Mobility Division to cut two C-17 missions vice four to six C-130 missions to fly the bombs to Al Asad.
The answer is yes, within the air mobility division or one of the several implanted planners in each cell.
Short, JFACC, during Operation Allied Force, who refers to the role of DIRMOBFOR/DM4 as "interesting but not reality" (27) and the claim by Rolanda Burnett that Short's air mobility division "did not reflect current doctrine." (28) One can easily argue that Short's air mobility division did reflect doctrine by virtue of the fact doctrine is authoritative but not directive.
The DM4's focus is on the air mobility division that consists of:
* Joint Publication 3-17 states, "DM4's focus is on the air mobility division and its primary components." Focus is not defined in Joint Publication 1-02, DoD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.
AFDD 2-6 offers a key and long-awaited clarification regarding command relationships of the director of mobility forces [DIRMOBFOR] and the air mobility division. The aeromedical evacuation segment has been completely revised and a new chapter has been added reflecting changes to current practice.
To support both the air combat forces and air mobility forces, the director of mobility forces had to base the air mobility division (AMD) at two operating locations.
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