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"He took me through it and it looks like a blockage in an outlet on the outside of the plane, through which the air goes and from that they judge the air speed.
The USDA project led to a simple-to-use computer spreadsheet that predicts droplet size, drift potential and droplet spectra classification based on orifice size, nozzle or deflector angle or restrictor size, spray pressure and air speed. The interactive spreadsheet models are accessible on at http://apmru.usda.gov/downloads/downloads.htm or on a computer diskette.
In this section, we study the effect of decreasing the ambient temperature while keeping the width of the extrudate and the air speed equal to 2 cm and 0.2 m/s respectively.
Table 3 presents the parameters, coefficients of determination and mean square deviations of the models Approximation of Diffusion, Two Terms, Henderson & Pabis and Page fitted to the experimental drying data of yacon cylinders, at air speed of 1.5 m [s.sup.-1] and drying air temperatures of 50, 60 and 70 [degrees]C.
Continuing through the range of expected conveying speeds, the actual drop in service life is less dramatic, but as a coarse rule of thumb, the relative service life drops by about half for every 10 mph increase in air speed.
One of the previous studies successfully applied CFD to find the optimal air speed from FFUs that, after implemented, was able to reduce the level of particulate contamination on HDD parts fabricated by a welding automation machine (WAM) in an HDD factory [25].
Mike Shoemaker, commander, Naval Air Forces, right, presents a Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) Leadership Award to Chief Warrant Officer Mike Guertin, Fleet Readiness Center Southeast Detachment Jacksonville's avionics division and AIR Speed officer.
The system features support for air speed and fuel optimization in real time, access to aircraft health and maintenance data, and on-aircraft software upgrade capability.
However, since this has slowed down the movement of the player, the game's developers will now fix air speed and wall-running speed.
The flight data recorder gathers 25 hours of technical data from the airplane's sensors including air speed, altitude, engine performance and wing positions.
The speed theme continues on the ground with rare experimental aircraft being rolled out from the RAF Museum to join the static aircraft exhibitions, including the Bristol 188, Avro 707 and Fairey Delta II, which held the world air speed record for a short time in 1956.