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for the air speed of 5 m/s at 5 mm distance from the injection point (x= 5 mm), there is no significant change in rivulet thickness.
Air speed can be the value at a point in space or an average of several points.
In the separated system, we can expect larger areas where air speed will exceed the permissible value above the ice surface.
Looking deeper into dust hood design, researchers found that the minimum air speed in the nozzle area commonly requested by machine manufacturers was about 20m/s.
ISO Standard 7730 gives design criteria for maximum mean air speed in the office environment by defining three categories for different draft rate (DR) levels (ISO 2005):
The report says neither co-pilots at the controls had received recent training for manual aircraft handling or had any high-altitude schooling in case of unreliable air speed readings.
The precision filters make it easier for the pilot to read the altimeter, the air speed indicator display, etc.
Every level features specially conceived nozzles in order to guarantee the most effective air blow and air speed through each step of the drying process.
Bombing from an altitude of 60 ft at an air speed of 240 mph, and at a set distance from the target called for expert crews.