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The industry terms used to define the pressure in an air terminal unit are defined in ASHRAE Standard 130, Methods of Testing Air Terminal Units, and AHRI Standard 880, Performance Ratingfor Air Terminals, and from the ASHRAE Terminology Glossary at http://tinyurl.
If the vessel is heeled, the mast tip and air terminal move over the side, and the protection cone moves with it.
2008a) verified that the design used with two air terminal devices, installed in the classroom desk, guarantees a relatively uniform air velocity field around the manikin.
Just imagine, an international air terminal with its own integral main line railway station.
And before the wheels of the private, eight-seat propeller plane touched the tropical airstrip and landed Boylan and his family at The Abaco Club's private air terminal on Abaco Island, 170 miles east of Florida, he had come up with an idea.
The development consists of the construction of an air terminal with a capacity of one million passengers and 4,000 tons of cargo annually, as well as improvements in related facilities at the airport, 40km southwest of Alexandria.
30am last Saturday when he managed to park his Audi A8 inches from the door of a private air terminal lounge.
Other projects of hers include heading the design team for the New Pennsylvania Station, the International Air Terminal at JFK, and eight railroad stations in the northeast.
The work includes the following functions: Transient Line and Tenant Aircraft Services: Air Terminal Service and Administration; participate in airfield FOD removal; and administrative support.
A fourth concession has been delayed pending the construction of a new air terminal for Mexico City.
The air terminal building at Greater Sudbury Airport will undergo a $6.