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ACFTArmy Cadet Fitness Test (Canada)
ACFTAdvanced Computer Forensics Techniques
ACFTAntarctic Confederation of Federal Territories (fictional country related to stamp collecting)
ACFTAbelian Class Field Theory (mathematics)
ACFTAdvanced Combat Fitness Test (British Army)
ACFTAviation Procurement, Army
ACFTAir Cadet Fitness Test (Canada)
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Reasons To Buy "The Global Military Aircraft Market 2011-2021 - Country Analysis: Market Profile" allows you to:
Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise (SALE)'s clients include easyJet, AirAsia and Qantas Airways.
Each state has its own sales and use taxes for aircraft.
Corporate airplanes used to be a perk only for executives," says Dave Labrozzi, senior vice president and general manager of corporate aircraft financing at GE Capital Solutions, a Danbury, Conn.
Capital improvements on existing aircraft must be made and placed in service before 2005 to qualify for the bonus provisions.
Aircraft manufacturers, both military and civilian, hailed Kapton as a nearperfect insulator, and it became the mainstay of aircraft electrical systems.
Prior to his retirement in 2002, Wolf served as Fairchild Dornier Corporation's Chief Operating Officer in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany and was responsible for the development, launch and manufacturing of various commercial aircraft from 30-100 passengers.
Which regions offer the most significant commercial aircraft leasing market growth opportunities between 2011 and 2021?
last week announced it will sell the majority of its aircraft leasing business to a consortium of investors including Macquarie Bank and investment fund Och-Ziff Capital Management Group in a transaction expected to close by year end.
The Helios was in Hawaii to test a fuel cell to power it at night, part of an effort to create aircraft capable of staying aloft for weeks or even months.
The report, sent to the House Armed Services Committee, states production should be limited only to aircraft needed for testing until the program adopts a more traditional production approach.
Finally, the resale value not only provides income, but reduces aging aircraft costs, avoids modification cost, and allows us to provide offsets to foreign governments in the form of maintenance and modification capacity as opposed to high-end production capacity.