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ACAdult Contemporary (radio format)
ACArea Code
ACAlternating Current (electricity; physics)
ACAuthor's Correction
ACAnte Cibum (Latin: Before Meals)
ACAir Conditioning/Conditioner
ACAccess Card
ACAtlantic City
ACAlice Cooper (musician)
ACAccess Control
ACAir Canada (airline code)
ACAnnual Conference (Church of the Brethren)
ACAll Clear
ACAmerican College
ACAssociated Content (Yahoo)
ACAdvisory Circular (aviation)
ACAudio Codec
ACAthletic Club
ACApple Computer
ACAcademic Institution (DNS zone for UK academic institutions; as in
ACAce Combat (video games 1-5)
ACAccept (ITU-T)
ACAdvisory Committee
ACAdvanced Computing
ACAir Compressor
ACAge Concern (UK)
ACAnderson Cooper (news correspondent)
ACAnimal Control
ACActual Cost
ACAnimal Crossing (video game)
ACAdvent Children (movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII game)
ACAcceptance Criteria
ACAfter Coupon
ACAutomobile Club
ACAssociazione Calcio (Italian: soccer club)
ACAberdeen College
ACAtomic Clock
ACAccount Code (Sprint BCS-29)
ACAssistant Coach
ACArmored Core (video game)
ACAccount Current
ACAdapter Card (FS-1037c)
ACAnalytical Chemistry
ACActive Component
ACAustralian Capital Territory
ACAfrican Caribbean
ACArmy Corps
ACAmherst College
ACAuxiliary Contact
ACAcceleration (Front Page Sports Football '95 et al)
ACAir Cargo
ACAcre (state of Brazil)
ACAuthentication Code (telecommunications)
ACAssassin's Creed (videogame)
ACAir Carrier
ACAircraft Carrier
ACAachen (Germany)
ACArm Chair
ACAnonymous Coward (Slashdot)
ACAxiom of Choice (math)
ACAir Combat (game)
ACAscension Island (top level domain)
ACAlameda County
ACAssembly Complete
ACAlan Cox (Linux kernel hacker)
ACAtmospheric Chemistry
ACAccess Category
ACArc Consistency (constraint programming AI research)
ACAllis Chalmers (manufacturer of agriculture and industrial equipment)
ACAsheron's Call (game)
ACAccounting Clerk
ACArea of Concern (school grading system)
ACAdjacent Channel
ACAsphalt Concrete
ACAir Corps
ACApplication Context
ACAnterior Chamber
ACActivated Charcoal
ACAccount Control
ACAsociación Civil (Spanish: Civil Partnership)
ACArithmetic Coding
ACAssociation for Coaching (London, UK)
ACApplied Cryptography (book)
ACAdministrative Control
ACAction Code
ACAir Controller
ACAccess Channel
ACAero Club
ACAction for Change (Mauretania)
ACAir Curtain
ACAppeals Council (Social Security)
ACApple Cider
ACAnalog Computer
ACAir Traffic Controller (USN Rating)
ACAir Change
ACAcoustic Coupler
ACAleister Crowley (novelist)
ACAssistant Commissioner
ACAllied Command
ACAutonomic Computing
ACAngelina College
ACAdenylate Cyclase
ACAffinity Chromatography
ACAnglican Communion
ACAircraft Commander
ACAquatic Center
ACAlpha Centauri (game)
ACAfter Class
ACAsphalt Cement
ACAcademic Complex
ACAdvent Christian
ACAnthrocon (anthropomorphics convention)
ACAdvocacy Center
ACAuto Clicker (gaming)
ACAcromioclavicular (shoulder joint)
ACAssociation Class
ACHydrogen Cyanide
ACAlignment Check
ACAssistant Camera (film production)
ACAnderson College (South Carolina)
ACAlbion College (Albion, MI)
ACAnti Christ
ACArea Coordinator
ACArmor Class
ACAlcohol Concentration
ACAkademikernes Centralorganisation
ACAndersen Consulting
ACAugustana College (ELCA college, Sioux Falls, SD)
ACArmored Cable (electricity)
ACAdvanced CMos
ACAbsorption Chiller
ACAsbestos Cement
ACAltocumulus (cloud formation)
ACAmount Claimed
ACAir Commodore
ACAgir Ensemble Contre le Chômage (Paris, France)
ACAllergic Conjunctivitis
ACAfter Christ
ACAsphalt Content
AcAcetyl Group (chemistry)
ACAssist Control (ventilation)
ACAutomatic Computer
ACAsotin County (Washington)
ACCompanion of the Order of Australia
ACActual Count
ACAutomation Company
ACAuto Carrier (chassis supplier of original Cobra roadster)
ACAdmirals Club
ACAsynchronous Communications
ACAir Cadets
ACAttenuation Correction
ACAir Conduction
ACAntioch College (Yellow Springs, OH)
ACAnthony Carter (ex-NFL player)
ACAlternative Certification (teaching)
ACAuxiliary Circuit
ACAppeal Cases
ACAssociate Commissioner
ACArc Cutting
ACAcquisition Center
ACAccess Customer
ACAcción Ciudadana (Spanish: citizen action; Guatemala)
ACAnno Christi (Latin: In the Year of Christ; epigraphy)
ACArea Commander
ACAgent Code
ACAylesbury College (Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK)
ACAbdominal Circumference (measure of fetal growth in pregnancy)
ACAssistant Chef
ACArret Cardiaque
ACAfter Colony (Gundam Wing animated series)
ACAfter Colony
ACAttribute Certificate
ACAdded Copy (libraries)
ACAsbury College (Kentucky, USA)
ACAssociation Control
ACAmbassador College
ACAdoptionscentrum (Sweden)
ACAscension Islands (ISO country code)
ACAngel Crew (band)
ACAirspace Control
ACAdvance Construction
ACAnte Christum (Latin: Before Christ)
ACAtlas Centaur (US intermediate class expendable launch vehicle)
ACAstrographic Catalogue
ACAuthentication Center
ACArmy Component
ACAppellation Contrôlée (beverages)
ACAmerican Choppers (TV series)
ACAttachment Circuit
ACAntenna Controller
ACAccess Concentrators
ACAdvanced Challenge (activity, Camp Yawgoog, BSA)
ACApelação Cível (Civil Appeal; Brazil)
ACAcid Ceramidase
ACAdams Central (High School; Hastings, NE)
ACAutomatic Callback (Bellcore)
ACAnonymous Caller
ACAviation Challenge
ACAuto-Cannon (gaming, Mechwarrior)
ACAdriamycin and Cytoxan (chemotherapy protocol)
ACAviation Cadet
ACAerodynamic Center
ACAdministrative Complex
ACAiming Circle (field artillery aiming instrument)
ACAnalysis Console
ACAssociativity and Commutativity (math)
ACAelod Cynulliad (Welsh: Member of the National Assembly for Wales)
ACAvanti Cristo (Italian: Before Christ)
ACArea Commissioner (UK scouting)
ACActual Commitment
ACAmbient Computing (Workshop)
ACAcquisition Category
ACAssociate Contractor
ACAttack Center
ACAryan Circle (gang)
ACAgent Cost (Sprint)
ACAnswer Complete
ACAddictions Counselor (New Life Ministries)
ACActive Counter
ACAnarchist's Cookbook
ACArmoured Core (game)
ACAustin Croshere (NBA player)
ACAutomatic Correlation
ACAbsolute Ceiling
ACBureau of Arms Control
ACActive Classroom (education)
ACAdjustment Center (prisons)
ACApollo's Chariot (Busch Gardens roller coaster)
ACAnthony Consulting (Yorktown, VA)
ACAlternate Call (listing)
ACAuthorized Consultants
ACAccountability Measurement
ACAromatherapy Council
ACAir Controlman
ACAir Coordinator
ACAshbury College (Canada)
ACApplication Control Architecture
ACAtmospheric Corrector
ACAwaiting Connection
ACAffinitätschromatographie (German)
ACAffirmative Constructive (debate)
ACAirframe Change
ACAcademia Cotopaxi (Quito, Ecuador)
ACAnte Cenam (Latin: Before a Meal)
ACAltai Consulting
ACAuscultacion Cardiaca (Spanish: Cardiac Auscultation)
ACAssessment Counselor (New Life Ministries)
ACAssociazione Calcistica (Italian: Soccer Association)
ACAcknowledged Connectionless
ACAssigned Capital
ACAutistics and Cousins
ACAmbush At Corellia (Star Wars novel)
ACAberración Cromosómica (Spanish)
ACAnthony Calhoun (sports anchorman)
ACAuthorised Certified (seed)
ACApostolic Carmel (Catholic congregation)
ACArea Correlator
ACAnalyst Console
ACAfter Crowning (Dungeons & Dragons)
ACAgro Centro (Guatemala)
ACAllied Chat (gaming)
ACAsh Catchem (Pokémon protagonist)
ACAbstinence Committed
ACArmament Computer
ACAncho Canyon
ACAlimbic Cluster (Metroid Prime Hunters video game)
ACARTS Controller
aCAnte de Cristo (Spanish: Before Christ)
ACAssumption Iloilo
ACAttack Console
ACAttack Cargo Plane (military aircraft designation, as in AC-130)
ACAntennal Commissure
ACAtheist Crew
ACAutocars and Accessories Ltd.
ACAuxilio Ciudadano (Spanish, special police & military task force)
ACAfter Catch Yards (yards gained after catching a pass, football)
ACAllen Cowlings (OJ Simpson trial)
ACAWP Control
ACAction Chit
ACAperture Card Sil Negative
ACActive Commanding
ACAerocasillas SA
ACAktivacní Centrum (Czech: Activation Center)
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The coveted Chief of the Air Staff Trophy for the Overall Best Performance was clinched by Aircraftman M Usman.
Senior Aircraftman Steve Edwards, above, of Middles-brough, is serving with 58 Squadron RAF in Camp Bastion and is looking forward to returning to the UK
Lt John Thornton, 22; Snr Aircraftman Graham Livingston , 23; Snr Aircraftman Gary Thompson, 51; Trooper Robert Pearson, 22; Trooper Ratu Babakobau, 29; James Thompson, 27; Marine Dale Gostick, 22; Pte Charles Murray, 22; Pte Daniel Gamble, 22; Pte Nathan Cuthbertson, 19; L Cpl James Bateman, 29; Pte Jeff Doherty, 20; Cpl Sean Robert Reeve, 28; Paul Stout, 31; Cpl Sarah Bryant, 26; L Cpl Richard Larkin, 39; WO2 Michael Williams, 40; Pte Joe Whittaker, 20; WO Dan Shirley, 32; L Cpl James Johnson, 31; Cpl Jason Stuart Barnes, 25; L Cpl Kenneth Michael Rowe, 24; Sgt Jonathan William Mathews, 35, Pte Peter Cowton, 25; Signaller Wayne Bland, 21; Cpl Barry Dempsey, 29; Ranger Justin James Cupples, 29; WO2 Gary O'Donnell, 40; Pte Jason Lee Rawstron, 23; L Cpl Nicky Mason, 26.
SUPPORT: Flight Lieutenant Si Critchlow SOUND OF THUNDER: Senior Aircraftman Rob Bean is in the hunt for BMRC Thunderbike Championship honours STARTING OUT: Former Red Arrows pilot Sgt Martin Boylett with his Yamaha R6 at Teesside Autodrome
Derek Spence pictured next to the grave of Aircraftman Roy Secker, who died aged 19 in 1941, at the cemetery in Milnsbridge (PW131011Mgrave-
Senior Aircraftman Graham Livingstone (left) of the Royal Air Force Regiment and Senior Aircraftman Gary Thompson of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment
Leading Aircraftman Maddison from County Durham collapsed and died within minutes of having 200mg of sarin drops put on his arm in a chamber at the top secret Porton Down base on Salisbury Plain.
Gray, who served as a senior aircraftman in No 2 Squadron of the RAF Regiment, is charged with preparing to commit acts of terrorism, assisting another in committing acts of terrorism and funding terrorism.
3 Drummer Thomas Wright, 21; Capt Sean Dolan, 40; Sgt Dave Wilkinson, 33; Guardsman Daryl Hickey, 27; L Cpl Alex Hawkins, 22; Guardsman David Atherton, 25; Sgt Barry Keen, 34; L Cpl Michael Jones, 26; Pte Tony Rawson, 27; Capt David Hicks, 26; Pte Aaron James McClure, 19; Pte Robert Graham Foster, 19; Pte John Thrumble, 21; Snr Aircraftman Christopher Bridge, 20; Pte Damian Wright, 23; Pte Ben Ford, 18; Pte Johan Botha, 25; Sgt Craig Brelsford, 25; L Cpl Ivano Violino, 29; Colour Sgt Phillip Newman, 36; Pte Brian Tunnicliffe, 33; Major Alexis Roberts, 32; L Cpl Jake Alderton, 22; Capt John McDermid, 43; Trooper Jack Sadler, 21; Sgt Lee Johnson, 33; Cpl Darryl Gardiner, 25; Cpl Damian Stephen Lawrence, 25; Cpl Damian Mulvihill, 32; Marine David Marsh, 23.
He was an Aircraftman 2 in Number 4 squadron in Germany, which is now based at RAF Valley on Anglesey.
Senior Engineering Officer for 28 Squadron, Squadron Leader Claire Evans, said: "Senior Aircraftman Robert 'Donnie' Pascoe was an individual who loved life to the full and was renowned for his get up and go, unrivalled enthusiasm and his commitment to the squadron.
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