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ADRMApplied Data Resource Management
ADRMAdverse Drug Reaction Monitoring
ADRMadvection-diffusion-reaction model
ADRMAlternative Dispute Resolution Method (resolution outside government judicial process)
ADRMAnalog Digital Remastering (recordings)
ADRMAlternate Dispute Resolution Mediation (Boise State University; Idaho)
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Company profile section of players such as TLD Group, JBT Corporation, Tug Technologies Corporation, Fast Global Solutions, Mallaghan, MULAG, Nepean, Tronair, Aero Specialties, Global Ground Support, Toyota Industries Corp, DOLL, Gate GSE, Guangtai Airports Equipment, Shenzhen TECHKING & Hangfu Airdrome Equipment includes its basic information like legal name, website, headquarters, its market position, historical background and top 5 closest competitors by Market capitalization / revenue along with contact information.
Nevertheless, they were brave men, and they started flying their intended missions, namely bombing the submarine pens in Belgium, and then rail centers and airdromes (airfields) used by Gotha bombers that were bombing London.
Born in Millville, MA, he was the son of the late Henry and Rhea (Gauthier) Levitre.A WWII Army Veteran, served with the 9th Airdrome Squadron and earned 5 battle stars in the European Campaign, Mr.
Gazpromneft-Aero already offers aircraft refueling services at the Orenburg military airdrome. The company is the aviation-fuel business operator of Gazprom Neft and a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
Prince William gave a speech to officially open the new Warner Bros.' Leavesden Studios, a former World War II airdrome in northwest of London.
A reward could be offered to any Syrian Air Force pilot who brings his plane to a neutral airdrome and therefore puts it out of action.
Having been a young boy in the Spitfire era we often saw the big gates wheeled across the Chester Road so that the Spit-fires could be towed onto the airdrome to be tested.
(16) "The return from the airdrome after the first day of the competition, wrote Georges de Lafrete on 9 September, 1909, had been 'terrible.' Because of insufficient tramway service, twenty thousand people had been forced to make the fifteen-kilometer trip by foot amidst thick dust caused by automobiles.
In September 1944, ZP-14 established its first advanced base at the Cuers-Pierrefeu Airdrome nearToulon, where in 1929 the German dirigible Graf Zeppelin ( LZ 127) put-in for repairs just prior to making the first around-the-world flight.
On 15 July 2008 between 00.00 and 24.00, aircraft climbed and landed twelve times in Zokniai Airdrome; [L.sub.max] was exceeded by 7-37 dBA six times; [L.sub.ekv] was not exceeded.
However, usually such a wide variation in soil conditions will be found that use of such tests for each little stretch of road or airdrome will be found too time-consuming to be practical.