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ADRPAdipose Differentiation Related Protein
adRPAutosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa
ADRPAlternative Dispute Resolution Program
ADRPArmy DISN Router Program
ADRPAutomated Data Reduction Program
ADRPAutomated Data Retriever and Processor
ADRPAdaptive Distributed Reuse Partitioning
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CAT works alongside the Armys Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) a high-altitude, all-weather capable system that includes a GPS-based cargo parachute system.
According to the WFP official, the organisation had been using airdrops in the Greater Upper Nile Region (Unity, Jonglei, Upper Nile states) for more than two years now and very recently in the Greater Bahr el Ghazal region this year.
However, airdrops are usually only the humanitarians' last resort.
On Monday, a commander in Kobani, Abu Hasan, said that "spirits and morale were high,'' after the airdrops, which United States officials said included 27 bundles from Iraqi Kurdish authorities and contained medical supplies, ammunition and weapons.
Three C-130 cargo aircraft carried out what US military Central Command (CENTCOM) called "multiple" successful airdrops of supplies in the vicinity of Kobane, including small-arms weapons, provided by Kurdish authorities in Iraq.
In addition, the system will be miniaturized so it can sit comfortably in an A-22 aerial delivery container--the standard for military airdrops, company officials said.
Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama discussed the airdrops in a phone call yesterday, but admitted that a "long term solution" would be needed to quell the IS advance.
Also, with Android phones, users must touch the devices together in order to transfer photos, files, and documents, but AirDrop does not require a physical touch between devices to initiate a connection.
The only crewmembers in the cargo compartment of that C-130 during the airdrop were the loadmasters.
The newly fielded Low Cost Aerial Delivery System, which has taken the airdrop world by storm, includes the low-cost container as well as the low-cost, high-velocity and the low-cost, low-velocity parachutes.
Airdrop uses the same concept, working on the principle that even the driest air contains water molecules that can be extracted by lowering the air's temperature to the point of condensation.
Exceptions to this rule come in the form of good ideas generated by the airdrop professionals at Natick Soldier Systems Center in Massachusetts, whose best answers to tough questions normally float gently to earth.