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To kick off the campaign, Airheads has scoured the online universe and partnered with the funniest Vine stars to capture their airhead moments for use in the initial commercial spots.
Is Ryan Airhead really so dim that he thought none of the 53 cameras would catch his latenight Airhead: Lee Ryan dash to join Jasmine Nobody beneath the space sheet?
I think a lot of people will assume that I'm just like an airhead.
Rich airhead Paris Hilton isn't cuddling up to jungle animals - it's an April fool.
Vicky, whose band's debut single Airhead is out on February 12 says: "After that we dated and even when we split we wrote letters to each other for years.
Jane Horrocks, who played Bubble, the airhead assistant to Edina Monsoon on cable TV's Absolutely Fabulous) revels in the vintage glories of her late father's album collection--Judy, Ella, Billie, Frank--while downstairs her blowsy mom, Mari (Brenda Blethyn), shakes her booty to Tom Jones.
The same Buerk who now, after a reputed PS150,000 cheque was wafted before his exceedingly high brows, will spend the next month on a dumbed-down TV show alongside daytime airhead Mel Sykes, pneumatic bird-brain Gemma Collins and vacuous D-list celebrities like, well, the rest of the cast.
And she added: "She's so intelligent I hope people don't judge her and think she's an airhead.
A piece of television for airheads, starring an airhead" - Actor Charles Dance on TV show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend.
FAR from the society airhead and hotel heiress Paris Hilton regarding her imprisonment for contravening her driving ban as a "wake-up call", as the Americans would doubtless say, she will celebrate her liberation from the clink with a party.
In the end the Presidential race boiled down to a mind numbingly dull contest between a wooden bore and an idle airhead.
The stream of vehicles on the roundabout cleared and I started to ease forward, expecting Mr Airhead to pull out.