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ALFTAbnormal Liver Function Test
ALFTAction-Level Fault Tolerance
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This substantial increase in the actual flight time was largely brought about by the heavy airlift operations of the Wing such as troops deployment and reinforcements most particularly in the military campaign in Marawi; Armed Forces of the Philippines and PAF Logistic flights; humanitarian and disaster relief missions in the aftermath of typhoon Vinta; support to fighter aircraft operations or territorial defense operations; aero-medical evacuation sorties; maritime patrols in the West Philippine Sea and Benham Rise; support to national development efforts and socio-economic initiatives; frequent international flight missions most particularly in Guam and Arizona; VVIP/VIP flights including Presidential sorties and the recent holiday sorties,' the Air Force said.
Military: Spanish Air Force, Air Mobility Command, European Tactical Airlift Center, MCCE, Heavy Airlift Wing, EU Military Staff, NATO, French Air Force, US Air Forces Europe, Royal Netherlands Air Force, NATO SHAPE, European Air Transport Command, JAPCC, European Defence Agency
We are very pleased that the Court affirmed the State Department's decision to award the WASS contract to AAR Airlift," said Don Wetekam, Chairman, AAR Airlift.
The big question was whether such a massive airlift could be organized and maintained long enough to outlast the Soviet blockade.
Rather than flying designated routes requiring multi-day stopovers like the CRAF carriers, tactical airlift providers embed operations for extended periods of time--sometimes years--living and working alongside the military units they serve.
The Army's dependence on airlift gives it a practically bottomless quantitative appetite for airlift support.
After the initial drafting of Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 1-1, United States Air Force Basic Doctrine, in 1964, the Military Airlift Transportation Service (MATS) submitted a manual that attempted to outline a unified airlift system.
Under the program, AAR Airlift will provide maintenance, operations, and logistical support to the fixed and rotary-wing aircraft fleet for the Department of State's international narcotics and law enforcement office of aviation.
Airlift Group provides expeditionary airlift services in support of contingency operations worldwide.
For Akshay, participation on the show could not be bettertimed considering his new film Airlift is slated for a release this weekend.
The airlift is the fourth of seven flights bringing winter insulation kits to 25,000 displaced Iraqi families.