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AMNAirman (USAF rank)
AMNAdrenomyeloneuropathy (form of neurological disease ALD)
AMNAdvanced Media Network
AMNArt Museum Network
AMNAmerican Medical News
AMNAbstract Machine Notation (formal methods)
AMNArtificial Mains Network
AMNAny Minute Now
AMNAmerican Mobile Nurses
AMNActa Musei Napocensis
AMNAutonomous Maritime Navigation
AMNAnnuity Market News
AMNAnsaldo Meccanico Nucleare
AMNAir Management Node (BFTT/CSTS system on LHD class ships)
AMNAlkali Metal Nitrite
AMNAccess Media Network, Inc.
AMNAmerican Motorcycle Network
AMN(USN Rating) Aviation Structural Mechanic (Hydraulics)
AMNAfghan Mission Network (information system)
AMNAmicale Motocycliste de Nice (French: Friendly Riders of Nice; motorcycle club; Nice, France)
AMNAboriginal Mapping Network (est. 1998; Canada)
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EPME-Next will deliver the same level of exposure to our Air Force's core competencies to every Airman across the enterprise via a blended learning model.
Unfortunately, the supervisor or commander is often the last to know when an Airman is heading down a destructive path.
It's a very complex system," said Airman Cardiges, as he points out some of the systems found only on the AC-130.
Because we all know that in the limit every Airman or rifleman fails the test, it fails to leverage the Airman's role.
KIRKUK AIR BASE, Iraq (AFPN) -- Senior Airman Randy Plantenberg adds chlorine to a distribution valve that will mix it into water storage bladders.
Senior Airman Devaughn Brown shot to death Senior Airman Darrick Moore and dumped his body in a landfill before killing Tech Sgt.
On Saturday, a senior airman distraught over a relationship killed a friend and a military police officer before taking his own life.
In the chaos of a real firefight, it is not realistic to expect every Airman to calmly align a rifle sight on a single stationary target, maintain controlled breathing and steadily squeeze the trigger.
But while Airman Cruz may not perform space walks or fly on dangerous missions to repair broken-down space stations, his contributions to the Air Force's ongoing endeavors in space are no less important.
General Moseley is a great American and great Airman and the priorities he's laid out are right on the mark.
The circumstances surrounding a large majority of our preventable mishaps strike a personal cord in me, because a few years ago, I too was that same young Airman driving fast and hanging out with my own indestructible peers.
Joe Cardenas, the 38-year-old Edwards airman who organized the trek.