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AZArizona (US postal abbreviation)
AZAlgemeen Ziekenhuis (general hospital; Belgium)
AZAlkmaar-Zaanstreek (Dutch soccer team)
AZAgenda for Zambia
AZAutonomen Zentrum (German rock band)
AZAvoda Zara (Hebrew: idol worship; Jewish criticism of Christianity)
AZAmerican Zettler, Inc (Aliso Viejo, CA general industrial manufacturer)
AZAzinhaga (Portuguese: country lane; postal usage)
AZApplication Zone
AZZ-Axis Acceleration
AZAcme Zone (Biostratigraphy)
AZAscheim-Zondek test (medical diagnosis)
AZ(USN Rating) Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
AZAbove Zone
AZAuthority Zero (band)
AZAssault Zones
AZAzerbaijan (top-level domain name)
AZAwkward Zombie
AZAdrenaline Zone (St Charles, MO laser-tag gaming business)
AZAlitalia (Airline Code)
AZAcademisch Ziekenhuis (University Hospital Flemish, Belgium)
AzArea under the ROC Curve (mathematics)
AZAbsolute Zero
AZAirship (lighter than air craft) tender (Naval ship type; designation no longer used)
AZAbendzeitung (Southern German Newspaper)
AZAktenzeichen (German: Reference Number)
AZAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
AZAzure (Heraldic Blue)
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Sources told the publication that the airship isn't complete yet, but engineers have completed the metal frame.
The airship also features a unique hovercraft-like Air Cushion Landing System that facilitates taxiing and grips the craft firmly on the ground.
The airship features a unique hovercraft-like Air Cushion Landing System that facilitates taxiing and holds the craft firmly on the ground.
It will no doubt take some years for factory production of building modules to reach substantial volumes, by which time the cargo airship may have become a viable transport option.
Based in the UK, the leadership team of SLA has deep-rooted experience in airship operations and established the company specifically to act as an owner-operator of Hybrid Airships.
The airship is said to be the largest aircraft in the world and was unveiled last week, CNBC reported, adding that Straightline has been talking with HAV for a potential future deal.
It covers the period from the early pioneers through to the modern era and it provides a good clear examination of the airship bases and the airships that flew from these locations in the British Isles as well as British-operated bases overseas, thus making it a valuable contribution to the subject matter.
The design of an all-electric airship is demanding, as increasing efficiency invariably increases weight, which impacts the size, which impacts drag and so on.
When will an airship deliver people and supplies to Everest base camp?
It necessitated hedges being removed; the construction of an airship shed 320 feet long and 120 feet wide, wooden and corrugated iron roofed workshops, gas production sheds and accommodation huts.
The difference between flying in a small aircraft and flying in this airship was akin to the difference between driving and cycling--it felt as though we were travelling through the scenery rather than sliding over it.
com)-- Stratxx Holding AG, STAX has recently announced that it has launched a new tethered Airship the “X Tower.