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The currently available evidence indicates that most of the preoperative airway assessment tests only have a low predictive performance for difficult facemask ventilation after anesthetic induction.[1] Thus, the new tests and evidences for prediction of difficult facemask ventilation are still needed.
Scientists believe that impaired activation of the pharyngeal dilator muscles decreases their tone to the point that structures supported by these muscles are easily drawn into the airway during sleep in OSA sufferers.
LMA Airways has offered airway management solutions for anesthesia since 1981, when the original LMA Airway was invented.
Respondents reported that they had last performed an elective surgical airway within various intervals: three months (8%), three to six months (2%), six to 12 months (5%) or longer than 12 months (59%) and 26% had never performed a surgical airway.
The patients were screened using a questionnaire on airway symptoms and on symptoms in response to scents and chemicals.
Relation to histamine airway responsiveness and effect of preservative.
There are four primary airway clearance technique methods: (a) chest physical therapy (CPT), (b) PEP, (c) high frequency chest wall oscillation, and (d) ACB.
Bronchial dilators currently used by many asthmatics do a good job of keeping the air passages open and may reduce the mechanical stress on airway cells, she says.
We argue that, in managing this CICV patient, the authors did not obey the algorithm of living difficult airway management guideline and had placed the patient at a risk of loss of the airway control.
Meanwhile, Qatar Airways grabbed the top spot back from Singapore Airlines, which had to settle for 2nd place.
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