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The patients were screened using a questionnaire on airway symptoms and on symptoms in response to scents and chemicals.
Auscultation revealed rhonchi in both lung fields (greater in the right) and a loud transmitted upper airway noise.
When the team simulated the constriction of the smooth muscles surrounding the airway tubes, they found some airflow resistance.
Exposure to crude brevetoxins caused immediate bronchoconstriction in the sheep as evidenced by a twofold increase in airway constriction.
Our purpose is to review for otolaryngologists the various techniques used to establish the airway in the severely retrognathic child and to make them more aware of LMA and its application.
Family and twin studies indicate a genetic factor i n airway hyperreactivity and asthma.
To address this problem, we initially studied the airway responses to inhaled PbTxs in a sheep model of asthma (Abraham et al.
Yet there is controversy over the best way to manage airway obstruction in these patients.
Growing Ageing Population and Rise in Surgical Procedures to Drive Demand for Airway Management Devices
Clinically, there is a wide variation in the manifestation of airway obstruction.
Bronchial Thermoplasty involves the delivery of precisely controlled thermal energy to the airway wall, to reduce the amount of airway smooth muscle, and lessen these muscles' ability to narrow the airway.
Knowledge of upper airway mechanics provides a map to help guide dogma.