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AWHRAirway Hyper-Reactivity (asthma)
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Noticeably, at high concentration (25 mg/mL methacholine), airway hyper-reactivity of obese asthma mice showed a significant increase compared to asthma mice (P<0.05; Figure 2).
These measures of asthma control permitted later calculation of what is called diurnal peak flow variability (dPFV), an indicator of airway hyper-reactivity. PM concentrations in the homes were measured, with a particular focus on fine particles ([PM.sub.2.5]).
So salbutamol significantly inhibited the contractile response of insulin while montelukast failed to counteract the airway hyper-reactivity induced by insulin.
It plays an important role of initiation of airway inflammation in allergic asthma, production of airway hyper-reactivity, and activation of pro-fibrotic mechanisms in the subepithelium.
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of airways characterized by chronic inflammation, airway hyper-reactivity, and by symptoms of coughing, wheezing and chest tightness.
AbstractObjective: To study the magnitude of insulin-mediated airway hyper-reactivity and to explore the protective effects of salbutamol in inhibiting the insulin-induced airway hyper-responsiveness on tracheal smooth muscle of guinea pigs in vitro.
[2] Several clinical studies have demonstrated that inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) therapy improves lung function, reduces airway hyper-reactivity [3], and mediates a marked reduction in inflammatory mediators in the bronchial epithelium and sub-mucosa [4].
(31) A recent meta-analysis in July 2013 concluded the following: macrolide administration for asthma for 3 or more weeks was not associated with improvement in [FEV.sub.1], but produced significant improvements in peak expiratory flow, symptoms, quality of life, and airway hyper-reactivity. Macrolides may therefore be beneficial as adjunctive asthma therapy.
Dietary magnesium, lung function, wheezing, and airway hyper-reactivity in a random adult population sample.
Th2 cells influence the asthmatic response by secreting substances which recruit inflammatory cells into the lungs, increase mucus production in the airways and cause airway hyper-reactivity. The resultant obstruction of the airways is the most critical aspect of asthma.
(16) It is additionally hypothesized that a high magnesium diet is directly related to healthy lung function and a reduced risk of airway hyper-reactivity and wheezing.