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ALARMSAutomated Late-Arriving Results Monitoring System
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With less alarm and greater eagerness she seized a second, a third, a fourth; each was equally empty.
She had not been used to feel alarm from wind, but now every blast seemed fraught with awful intelligence.
You can send for us, you know, at a moment's notice, if anything is the matter; but I dare say there will be nothing to alarm you.
Elinor perceived with alarm that she was not quite herself, and, while attempting to soothe her, eagerly felt her pulse.
Jennings, perhaps satisfied with the partial justification of her forebodings which had been found in their late alarm, allowed herself to trust in his judgment, and admitted, with unfeigned joy, and soon with unequivocal cheerfulness, the probability of an entire recovery.
He stood still in alarm--in almost superstitious alarm, for a moment; then all mists seemed to clear away from his eyes; he was conscious of nothing but light and joy and ecstasy; his breath came and went; but the moment passed.
It was full of alarm for him, and sympathy and affection, while she looked around at the others with flashing, angry eyes.
A party of them caught sight of him as he fell, and sounding the alarm, had lifted him up; and after ineffectually endeavouring to restore him at the brook, had hurried forward with him to the house.
Emma's first resolution was to keep her father from the knowledge of what had passed,aware of the anxiety and alarm it would occasion: but she soon felt that concealment must be impossible.
And here a fresh alarm brought me to a standstill with a thumping heart.
Soothed, however, by caresses, he began after a time to gather confidence and wag his tail, and at length was brought to follow close at the heels of his captors, still, however, darting around furtive and suspicious glances, and evincing a disposition to scamper off upon the least alarm.
Either it had been a false alarm, or the enemy had retreated on finding themselves discovered, and quiet was restored to the village.