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ALERFAalert phase (ICAO)
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'By then, the Radar Controller should have commenced full overdue action (not later than 30 minutes after the declaration of an Uncertainty Phase),' said the report, citing further the radar controller should have notified the local ARCC that an Alert Phase existed.
Those in alert phase are Mandera, Marsabit, Kitui and Taita Taveta, until April, when the country expects rains.
At the zone level, in the outbreak epicenter, the alert phase would have begun 1 week earlier in zone 1; no change would have been seen for zone 2, which was in the alert phase since week 1.
It is composed by four dimensions (Q) that divide temporally symptoms into the last 24 hours (Q1--15 symptoms; the alert phase), last week (Q2--until 9 symptoms; the resistance) Q3 (near-exhaustion phase above 10 symptoms) and last month (Q4--23 symptoms; exhaustion phase or Burnout).
The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police (NCIP) has raised the alert phase to emergency phase accordingly following the eruption.
Influenza A (H1N1): Pandemic alert phase 6 declared of moderate severity: 2009.
The researchers suggest the alert phase represents a novel form of cellular memory similar to that displayed by the immune system, which relies upon prior experiences to drive future responses.
The US Civil Defence has issued a Hurricane Warning (Alert Phase) for Pinar del Rio and Isla de la Juventud, and a Hurricane Watch (Informative Phase) for Havana City, Havana, Matanzas and Villa Clara provinces.
The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that pregnant women are at high risk, after it raised the influenza pandemic alert phase to six--widespread human infection that has caused sustained community level outbreaks in one or more WHO region.
In response to a question on pandemic alert phase change, Dr Chan explained that the definition of WHO's influenza preparedness phases was developed against the backdrop of H5N1 avian flu.