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ALEAutomatic Link Establishment
ALEApplication Link Enabling
ALEAdult Learning and Education
ALEApplicable Large Employer (US IRS)
ALEAtomic Layer Epitaxy
ALEAlewife (FAO fish species code)
ALEAlleanza Libera Europea (Italian: European Free Alliance)
ALEAgence Locale pour l'Emploi (Belgium)
ALEAlternative Learning Experience
ALEAddress Latch Enable
ALEAttribute Logic Engine
ALEAdvanced Linux Environment
ALEApplication Link Enabled
ALEAncestry Library Edition (genealogical database)
ALEAntarctic Logistics & Expeditions (tour company; Salt Lake City, UT)
ALEAgence Locale de l'Energie (French: Local Energy Agency)
ALEAlcohol Law Enforcement
ALEAvid Log Exchange (software)
ALEAtlanta Linux Enthusiasts
ALEAdvanced Lipoxidation End-Product (biochemistry)
ALEAlliance Libre Européenne (French: European Free Alliance)
ALEAdditional Living Expense (insurance)
ALEAuditors' Local Evaluation (UK)
ALEApplication Level Event
ALEAutomatic Link Exchange (software)
ALEAssociation Liégeoise d'Electricité (French: Liege Electricity Association; Liege, Belgium)
ALEAttribute-Logic Engine
ALEAviation Logistics Environment
ALEAssistance League of the Eastside (Redmond, WA)
ALEAnnual Loss Expectancy
ALEArid Lands Ecology Reserve
ALEAirlift Liaison Element (US DoD)
ALEAdvanced Learning Environment
ALEAnti-Lamenessing Engine (images)
ALEAjax Linking & Embedding (software)
ALEAdaptive Line Enhancement (technique)
ALEApplication Launching and Embedding (Citrix technology to present data to users)
ALEAddress Lifetime Expectation (IETF)
ALEArctic Learning Environment
ALEApple Lossless Encoding
ALEApplication Linking and Embedding
ALEArbitrary Langrangian-Eulerian (code)
ALEAlarm Enable
ALEAutomated Link Establishment
ALEAlpine, TX, USA - Alpine Texas (Airport Code)
ALEArmy Liaison Element (US Army)
ALEAir Launched Expendable
ALEAirport Lighting Equipment
ALEAtmospheric Lifetimes Experiment
ALEAIRES Lifecycle Extension
ALEAutomatic Live Encoding
ALEAgencia Laín Entralgo (Madrid, Spain)
ALEAmmunition Lethality Enhancement
ALEApprovals Liaison Engineer
ALEAtmospheric Luminosity Experiment
ALEArizona LAN Enthusiasts
ALEAutomatic Link Equipment
ALEApplied Learning Experience
ALEActive Launching and Embedding (Citrix Systems)
ALEATM Link Enhancer
ALEAlways Leave Early (sports)
ALEAccount Level Equivalence (computer security)
ALEAdd Link Exchange (software)
ALEAirport Landing Equipment
ALEAutomated Logistics Environment (US DoD)
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For example, alewife had statistically higher growth rates in the Nemasket River, Massachusetts, than in 3 other rivers in Massachusetts (Sheppard et al.
The wetland, planted with over 124,000 native plants, is a safe haven for migrating birds and the alewife and blueback herring, both threatened species.
George Gardiner's collection includes a related melody from the Hampshire singer Henry Lee (Figure 6).(42) Lee's text retains the alternating 'Wild rover, wild rover' / 'Therefore I will lay up' choruses of the broadside and runs to just three stanzas, comprising the first and third of the broadside plus a seemingly unique final stanza in which the .com expressed for the landlady and her riches is very reminiscent of the old 'alewife' ballads:
here--/ I'm an alewife the fish the seagull / has no taste for
Examples of Lake Michigan fishes in Wolf Lake are Spottail Shiner (Notropis hudsonius), Logperch (Percina caprodes), Emerald Shiner (Notropis atherinoides), and Alewife. Wolf Lake abundances often reflect their abundance in Lake Michigan.
Besides lake whitefish, preyfish species such as alewife, sculpin, and bloater have also been impacted.
Exclusion of adult alewife, Alosa pseudoharengus, using low-frequency sound for application at water intakes.
The jest book persona Long Meg of Westminster--later subject of an anonymous play--belongs in this tradition of strong female roles, as does the legendary alewife Mother Bunch.
The yearly stocking of Lake Michigan with hatchery-born salmon solved the alewife problem and created a sport fishing paradise.
The Lake Huron fishery has been depleted from over-fishing, destruction of spawning grounds, and the introduction of exotic species (lamprey eel, alewife, smelt) that compete with species native to the lake.
With that blast, American shad, blueback herring, and alewife migrating from the Atlantic through the Chesapeake Bay could move into 106 more miles of potential spawning habitat upstream of the dam.
Twelve of these species (i.e., the sea lamprey, shortnose sturgeon, Atlantic sturgeon, blueback herring, hickory shad, alewife, American shad, gizzard shad, rainbow smelt, Atlantic tomcod, white perch, and striped bass; respectively, Figures 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 55, 61, 70, and 71) are anadromous or semi-anadromous, and one (i.e., the American eel; Figure 13) is catadromous.