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ALGAAustralian Local Government Association
ALGAAssociation of Local Government Auditors (formerly National Association of Local Government Auditors)
ALGAAustralian Lesbian and Gay Archives (est. 1978; Melbourne, Australia)
ALGAApplicazione Lavorazione Giunti Appoggi (Italian scaffolding manufacturer; Milan, Italy)
ALGAAmerican Lite Golf Association
ALGAAutoshift Low Gear Actuator
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These two organisms each had their own set of genes, but after millions of years and many, many, many generations, the genes mixed and both sets became essential for the alga's survival.
Caracterizacion floristica y zonacion de las algas bentonicas marinas del puerto de La Coruna (NO Peninsula Iberica).
Immediately after the alga's discovery in the Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad, Calif.
Brown algae were assumed to have arisen from the fusion of photosynthetically inactive colourless cells with a unicellular red alga. However, as discovered in a previous research project on single-celled diatoms, AWI researchers showed that brown algae also arose from the fusion of a green alga with a red alga and thus refuted a widespread theory among experts.
Hata and Kato have been analyzing the Stegastes nigricans damselfish's patches of a Polysiphonia, which is categorized as a red alga. The fish defends what looks like a piece of "brown carpet on the reefs," says Hata.
La presencia de este alga, fuera de nuestras costas, se limita a las Islas Britanicas (Maggs & Hommersand 1993) y a las costas atlanticas de Francia (Feldmann 1954, Dizerbo & Herpe 2007).
As long as the beads didn't adhere near an alga's flagella, each cell could haul a load of its own weight with little slowdown.
They show that the alga's poisons have several means of wreaking havoc beyond the neurotoxicity that had been previously recognized.
Since the phosphatic clay performed so well against the red tide alga and was literally free for anyone willing to cart it away, Sengco and his Woods Hole colleagues are working out the best ways to use it in trials in Florida and the Pacific Northwest.
Both are prime nutrients for the red-tide alga Karenia brevis, Lenes notes.