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ALGAutomotive Lease Guide
ALGApplication Layer Gateway
ALGArbeitslosengeld (German: Unemployment Benefit)
ALGAmericans for Limited Government (Fairfax, Virginia)
ALGAdult Learning Grant (UK)
ALGApplication-Level Gateway
ALGAlamo Group, Inc. (Seguin, TX)
ALGAssociation of London Government
ALGAdvanced Landing Ground
ALGAntilymphocyte Globulin
ALGAmerican Laser Games
ALGArt. Lebedev Group
ALGAngry Little Girls (comic)
ALGAlgiers, Algeria - Houari Boumedienne (Airport Code)
ALGAutonomous Landing Guidance
ALGAin't Love Grand?
ALGAircraft Landing Gear
ALGAdvanced Lithography Group
ALGArtists' Licensing Group, Ltd
ALGArmstrong Laing Group, Inc.
ALGALMA Liaison Group (European Southern Observatory)
ALGAssault Landing Group
ALGAmerican Leisure Group (various locations)
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However, when the value of u is very large, it indicates to the uncertainty of the adaptive algorithm [3].
Of the top 40 organisations patenting the most algorithms the past five years, 33 are Chinese businesses and universities.
Sedjelmaci presented new parallelization of the extended Euclidean GCD algorithm that match the best existing integer GCD algorithms since it can be achieved in parallel O/sub eps/ (n/log n) using only n/sup 1+eps/ processors on a Priority CRCW PRAM, for any constant eps>0.
A third approach would be an algorithm for determining and displaying skin color based on machine learning.
This hybrid algorithm uses two preprocessing for Sunday shift and KMP shift.
In order to improve the performance of BPDN algorithm, iteratively reweighted basis pursuit algorithm [12] has been proposed.
Dijsktra algorithm has been improved in 1984 by implementing Fibonacci heaps in SPF algorithm (Fredman & Tarjan, 1987).
Subtle correlations between the numbers the algorithm produced were being amplified by the simulation's calculations and skewing the results.
But Christopher Bradfield, a professor of oncology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and CEO of the Madison-based toxicogenomics service company Functional Biosciences, points out that new algorithms are only as good as their translation into clearer biologic understanding.
We now present it in some detail, since the method to find the area of coverage is also used in the reference fitting algorithm.
Part 2 involves the history of algorithms in mathematics.
If the set is implemented correctly and if RandInt produces random integers, then Algorithm S produces a random sample.