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Typical UTP Category 6 cabling systems are hindered by the technical combination of insertion loss and alien crosstalk (interference from adjacent cables) at higher frequencies.
Because signals higher than 300 Mhz begin to propagate beyond the cable to affect adjacent cables, this alien crosstalk interference is often the limiting factor in running 10GigE on cabling.
It also offers 360A screening and alien crosstalk immunity.
The standards specify four-pair copper cabling performance up to 500 MHz and add key performance parameters for alien crosstalk that were not characterized in previous drafts.
SYSTIMAX Labs utilized its unique Modal Decomposition Modeling (MDM) tool to evaluate the 1,024 interactions between adjacent, as well as within individual, cabling components to achieve substantial reduction in alien crosstalk (ANEXT or noise from adjacent cables and connectors).
In addition, background noise and other radiated signals, such as alien crosstalk, can reduce the received signal-to-noise ratio.
Today's debate will look at several key topics around cabling, including: - Is alien crosstalk testing needed for cat6A cabling?
The blocks allow for staggered pair-to-pair arrangements in multiport designs to reduce alien crosstalk, while a notched-head design secures wires in plastic housing prior to termination for a stable contact connection.
The cable industry is providing further support for the standard and has created an augmented CAT 6 (CAT 6a) cable that has been designed to reduce cable-to-cable crosstalk (i.e., alien crosstalk) and enables links of up to 100 meters.
Siemon says that the drawbacks include; a sensitivity to alien crosstalk through mishandling or poor installation practices, a higher potential need to perform time-consuming and complex field testing for alien crosstalk to trouble shoot unshielded twisted pair channels and length de-rating based on higher temperatures, which can reduce unshielded twisted pair lengths for full compliance to category 6A insertion loss requirements.