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ALKPAlkaline Phosphatase
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Alkaline phosphatase, calcium and phosphate were used in a stepwise multiple regression analysis to predict T-score in normal, osteopenic and osteoporotic postmenopausal females.
Characterization of the alkaline phosphatase expressed on the surface of a Hodgkin's lymphoma cell line.
(3) In the same study the average alkaline phosphatase was 213, which is about twice the upper limit of normal.
Absence of recognition of low alkaline phosphatase level in a tertiary care hospital.
Primary antibodies included were rabbit IgG polyclonal antibody for Osteocalcin (catalogue number: PB9088, Boster Biological Technology, Pleasanton, US, at 1: 200 dilution) and rabbit polyclonal antibody to Alkaline Phosphatase (catalogue number: GTX100817, GeneTex International Corporation, Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan, at 1: 200 dilution).
Bone to total alkaline phosphatase ratios improve sensitivity and specificity of bone alkaline phosphatase immunoassays.
The indicators of osteogenesis were measured in this study by analyzing the total protein content, alkaline phosphatase activity, and qualitative and quantitative analysis of calcium deposition.
Serum calcium, phosphate, and alkaline phosphatase were measured using the ARCHITECT C8000 autoanalyzer (Abbot Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL, US).
Ahnen, "Synthesis and parallel secretion of rat intestinal alkaline phosphatase and a surfactant-like particle protein," American Journal of Physiology --Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol.
Our toddler had a remarkable response to calcitriol, despite having one of the highest initial PTH (1115.4 pg/ml) and alkaline phosphatase (2023 IU/L) levels reported.
In orthodontics, biomarkers related to bone deposition (bone alkaline phosphatase and osteoprotegerin) represent new possibilities for the understanding of bone growth and remodeling [13].
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