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ALKAutomatisierte Liegenschaftskarte
ALKAnti-Lift Kit (Subaru suspension system)
ALKAllergologisk Laboratorium København (Allergological Laboratory of Copenhagen)
ALKAssociation Languedocienne de Kyudo (French; Japanese archery association)
ALKAlaska Air Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
ALKAlkohol (German: alcohol)
ALKAnaplastic Lymphoma Kinase
ALKSrilankan Airlines (ICAO code)
ALKActivin Receptor-Like Kinase
ALKAutomated Limellar Keratoplasty (Surgical Procedure)
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An ELISA for the determination of tHcy based on the modification of sample tHcy by alkylation and detection of the alkylated product was described previously (6).
Operating advantages of the Phillips HF Alkylation designs include:
Alkylation is an operation in petroleum refining which produces a high value blend for transport fuels, alkylate, with a high octane rating; it contains no aromatic compounds or olefins and is "essentially free of sulphur and other impurities" (Hommeltoft, 2003).
Butane produced in the field can just go directly into an alkylation unit and produce octane, giving the refiner a better yield, he added.
Cymene (methylisopropylbenzene) production is commercially carried out by alkylation of toluene with propene.
Pilot Chemical also focuses on alkylation, distillation, amidization and custom blending for specific and targeted applications.
Alkylation plants are found in many oil refineries.
Speaking at a press conference in Abadan Southeastern Iran, engineering manager of the project, Abdolhamid Taghizadeh, said that gasoline production capacity of the refinery had already been increased by four million liters per day by launching cat cracker unit of the project and rose to 6 million liters per day by startup of the alkylation unit.
The alkylation value for propylene in motor gasoline remains over $0.
Among the topics discussed are principles of reactor design and control, designing and controlling an auto-refrigerated alkylation process, and the ethyl benzene process.
The cross-linking of BUR with nitrogen nucleophiles involves alkylation by allylic bromide, followed by deprotonation of the resulting ammonium bromide sail to give an allylic amine intermediate (Scheme 1; R(1)=H).