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Sources maintained the federal government is likely to allocate Rs 3 billion for Mangla Dam Raising Project in Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2010-11 against the total demand of Ministry Water & Power for the project of Rs 11 billion, while present allocation is observed 75 percent decrease as compared to allocated amount of Rs 12 billion for ongoing FY-2009-10.
A lost-time calculator can allocate not just workers' comp but also short- and long-term disability costs.
This recapture rule applies to any section 467 rental agreement that is a leaseback or a longterm agreement that is not disqualified but which allocates to any rental period fixed rent that, when annualized, exceeds the annualized fixed rent allocated to any preceding rental period.
In their submissions with the request for technical advice, the agent and the taxpayer disagreed about how the taxpayer allocates cost pools under this system.
Recent audit activity indicates the IRS will require taxpayers to use one of the simplified methods (SPM or SRM) when it determines that a taxpayer is using a facts-and-circumstances method that does not allocate costs to specific inventory items.
The final proof the value assigned the covenant was overstated was the parties' failure to allocate anything to the intangible assets, which the appraiser had given such a high value.
Under the proposed regulations, if the member participates in the review of a letter that becomes a "lobbying communication," the member's employer must allocate a portion of his time to lobbying.
This raises numerous compliance issues and compounds the uncertainties CPAs face when they prepare gift tax returns and allocate GST exemption.
A taxpayer shall allocate a deduction for a charitable contribution solely to United States source gross income if --
Thus, without a consistency requirement, a trustee's decision to allocate capital gain from year to year could be purely tax-motivated.
Designing the loans to release shares and to allocate them to participants in a way that coordinates with the plans' need for shares.