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ALOTApple Library of Tomorrow (Apple, Inc.)
ALOTAdaptive Large Optics Technologies
ALOTAirborne Lightweight Optical Tracking
ALOTMaybe you're looking for the two word phrase 'a lot' meaning many?
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Now Phidon the Corinthian, one of the oldest legislators, thought the families and the number of the citizens should continue the same; although it should happen that all should have allotments at the first, disproportionate to their numbers.
According to official document, the members who were given provisional allotment letters are Moshin Ikhliaq, Syed Hussain Raza Gerdezi, Tayyaba Batool Kazmi, Nasir Ali Kazmi, Malik Kirmat Hussain Sarshar, Mohammad Jamil, Ali Waqar, Awais Amir Sial and Mohammad Ilyas Khan.
The National Association of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners estimates that there are 330,000 allotment plots in the UK but demand is such that another 90,000 are needed.
If you are interested in an allotment plot, or if you want to find out more, you can contact the individual allotment representative and they will sort you out.
Affectees of I-14, i-15 and I-16 sectors said they are waiting since long for allotment of plots to them and several among them have passed away and their widows have filed applications for allotment of plots to them but on the other hand CDA chairman has banned allotment of plots.
OFFICERS and cadets will be handing out padlock alarms and crime prevention leaflets tomorrow, to help reduce crime at allotments across Billingham and Stockton.
I was very pleased to hear of this as all 28 allotment sites in Cardiff are located either east, west or north of central Cardiff.
In late 1916, Lloyd George's government introduced the Cultivation of Lands Order (CLOs) empowering allotment authorities in urban areas to seize land for allotment uses.
According to the National Allotments Garden Trust and the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners, there are lots.
In January 2014, the department published allotment disposal guidance: safeguards and alternatives replacing the previous guidance from 2002.
Officers in Chester-le-Street are hoping to sign up members from all 24 allotment associations in the area to the Allotment Watch scheme.
But the event organisers, the National Allotment Society, are also promoting a much more serious message.