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ALPHAAssociation of Local Public Health Agencies
ALPHAAntihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (experiment at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)
ALPHAAcademy of Learning through Partnerships for Higher Achievement
ALPHAAllies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS (Boise, Idaho, USA)
ALPHAAdvanced Learning Program for High Achievers
ALPHAAdolescents Learning Positive Health Alternatives
ALPHAAMC Logistics Program Hardcore
ALPHAAutomatic Literature Processing, Handling & Analysis
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Finally, if alphabetical order matters while researchers are searching through reference lists, it could be expected that alphabetical order effect only exists in citations by authors other than those of original cited papers, because it is quite unlikely that researchers cite their own previous papers by searching through the reference lists.
Because there's been a steep increase in multiauthor economics articles in recent years, Einav and Yariv guessed that alphabetical discrimination wasn't common in the past, and that's exactly what they found: no alphabeticism as recently as 1990.
Although the handicapper has inevitably raised Alphabetical quite a bit after such an emphatic win, there's more in the tank, and he can score once again for his Upper Lambourn handler.
The next ten, again in alphabetical order, were: Capitol, Cadets, Nevada, Pacific Plattermen, Premier Aces, Royal Blues, Sounds, Times, Victors.
But when you read the three-page Amherst write-up in the alphabetical listing of Princeton Review's list of 77 values, it makes more sense.
Below, team leads and principal consultants, in alphabetical order.
His name appears at the bottom of the list but he says names should be in alphabetical order, which would place him higher.
1-496) lists the jatakas and avadanas treated in roman alphabetical order, identified by their location in the canonical Pali collection of the Suttapitaka (given by references to the Cowell translation and the Fausboll edition) or in G.
The chemicals section includes its own alphabetical and CAS number indices.
All alphabetical keys, as well as the most frequently used symbols and function keys, are either inside the "walls" or just outside the walls.
The books are divided into different sections: a section which provides a detailed overview of the themes and information provided in the alphabetical entries; the Alphabetical Guide list, in alphabetical order, everything a person needs to know about the world of tea or coffee including detailed discussions of all major varieties of tea and coffee, historical information, and essential savoir-faire for connoisseurs; In the Little Book of Tea, the Connoisseur's Guide section describes which teas can be found in specific places in the world and what they are used for; and the Infusion Chart is for those who are willing to take on the delicate task of infusing their own tea.
It then surveys, in alphabetical order, the Cornish saints although Celtic would, the author insists, be a better description.