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ALTAlternative (USENET newsgroup prefix)
ALTAssociation for Learning Technology
ALTAlanine Aminotransferase
ALTAlgorithmic Learning Theory (Conference)
ALTRadar Altimeter (SEASAT, GEOS-3)
ALTAdult Learning and Teaching (degree program)
ALTAssistant Language Teacher
ALTArgon Laser Trabeculoplasty
ALTAdaptive Lighting Technology
ALTAnalogue Loopback Transfer
ALTAutomated Loop Test
ALTAltoona Transportation Center (Amtrak station code; Altoona, PA)
ALTAlanine Amino Transferase (medical)
ALTAdvanced Learning Technologies
ALTAcquisition, Logistics, and Technology (US Army)
ALTAccelerated Life Testing
ALTApplied Laser Technology (various locations)
ALTAlternative Lengthening of Telomeres (cells)
ALTAccelerated Life Test
ALTAltus AFB (Altus, OK)
ALTApproach and Landing Test
ALTAssistant Leader Trainer
ALTAcquisition Lead Time
ALTAssociation for Linguistic Typology
ALTAllocation Logement Temporaire (French: Temporary Housing Allowance)
ALTAboriginal Lands Trust (Department of Indigenous Affairs)
ALTAlliance for Lobbying Transparency (UK)
ALTAdministrative Lead Time
ALTAirsoft Lunel Team (French Airsoft group)
ALTAnarchists, Lunatics and Terrorists (apocryphal origin of newsgroup hierarchy)
ALTAnti Leech Tracker
ALTAchievement Level Test
ALTApproximate Lower Triangular (coding scheme)
ALTAssociation for Local Telecommunications
ALTArmy Liaison Team
ALTAmarillo Little Theatre (Amarillo, TX)
ALTAssociazione per la Lotta Alla Trombosi e Alle Malattie Cardiovascolari (Italian: Association to Combat Thrombosis and Cardiovascular Disease; est. 1986)
ALTAutomatic Link Transfer
ALTAirborne Laser Tracker
ALTAdvanced Lightning Technology
ALTAer Lingus Teoranta
ALTAutomatic Line Testing (Nortel)
ALTAlanina Amminotrasferasi (Italy)
ALTActive Leap Technology
ALTATM Link Termination
ALTAnalog Line Termination
ALTAssociazione Italiana per la Lotta Alla Trombosi
ALTAll Legal Transitions
ALTAsynchronous Line Test
ALTAlarms and Telemetry (Sprint)
ALTAutomatic Line Thresholded
ALTAljamiado Learning Technologies (est. 2001)
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She played a dreamy waltz, marking the time with the bass, while with the right hand she `tiddled' in alternate octaves.
It seemed to her that Katharine possessed a curious power of drawing near and receding, which sent alternate emotions through her far more quickly than was usual, and kept her in a condition of curious alertness.
a) states, "Upon arrival at an alternate, when the WAAS navigation system indicates that LNAV/VNAV or LPV service is available, then vertical guidance may be used to complete the approach using the displayed level of service.
Contract estimated cost base bid $ 5,904,700 alternates for wwtp alternate 1: demolition of existing tanks, equipment, and sand beds $ 100,000 alternate 2: asphalt pavement $ 60,000 alternate 3: clarifier flume cover $ 35,000 alternate 4: service building laboratory wall cabinets $ 15,000 alternate 5: service building laboratory flooring $ 22,000 alternate 6: service building lockers $ 5,000 alternate 7: spare uv modules $ 14,000.
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company said on Thursday that it has signed an international license agreement for its Alternate Path technology patent portfolio.
MARLBORO - Marlboro Democrats will send 20 delegates and nine alternates to the 2008 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention June 7 at the Paul E.
Experts estimate that only 5 percent of the world's publishing output in English is ever made accessible in alternate formats for people who cannot use print (Canadian Library Association Working Group, 2005).
The curious writer/editor will crack the Journal's Guide to Business Style and Usage and find the entry for alternate, alternative: "Because alternate can mean every second one (The club meets on alternate Tuesdays), generally use alternative to mean substitute: Mutual funds are an alternative to stocks.
Nominees for open area director and alternate area director positions are listed under the following rubber groups: Boston (Richard C.
First alternate James Driscoll got in earlier as a replacement for Mark Hensby, who withdrew Tuesday.
When IDEA 1997 required the use of alternate assessments, only one state, Kentucky, had widespread implementation of this process.