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ALTERSAllied Telecommunications Record System
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For a thing is altered when change of quality takes place; therefore either rest in its quality or change in the direction of the contrary may be called the contrary of this qualitative form of motion.
Besides, the instance brought from the arts is fallacious; for it is not the same thing to alter the one as the other.
The next day I met him again in the office of the Palace Hotel, and seeing him about to repeat the disagreeable performance of the day before, intercepted him in a doorway, with a friendly salutation, and bluntly requested an explanation of his altered manner.
An altered word is one in which part of the ordinary form is left unchanged, and part is re-cast; as in {delta epsilon xi iota-tau epsilon rho omicron nu / kappa alpha tau alpha / mu alpha zeta omicron nu},
"Altered beyond his knowledge." Anne fully submitted, in silent, deep mortification.
"So altered that he should not have known her again!" These were words which could not but dwell with her.
Are these principles to be altered because the circumstances of Socrates are altered?
Your good opinion of her hasn't altered, though she has treated you so badly?"
Snedeker explains that it was altered to its present shape to commemorate the destruction of the great temple of Jarute by an earthquake, circa
It is not known if the name of the letter was altered as an additional mnemonic, or if the name was always Klatch and the destruction one of nature's pums.
"Well, sir, as I was saying, it was a long time before he could recollect me; for, indeed, I am very much altered since I saw him.
The dresses had to be altered so that they could not be recognized, and they ought to have been ready three days before.