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ALTMAsia Luxury Travel Market
ALTMAll Laboratory Trimmed Mean (pharmacology assay)
ALTMATCCS Layered Telecommunications Model
ALTMAirborne Laser Terrain Mapper/Mapping
ALTMAppendicular Lean Tissue Mass
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The formal airport record shows the AW OS as the official altimeter source.
Altimeter Capital is a global investment firm managing both public and private funds focused on the airline, travel, technology, internet, software, and consumer sectors.
The attempts by PAR and Altimeter are unnecessary distractions to our commitment to improving customer service and continuing to help sustain United Airlines' upward trajectory.
For example, in level flight over the ocean at 90 KIAS and with 200 feet indicated on the RADALT, the BARALT will indicate a mere 150 feet if calibrated to the local altimeter setting.
Altimeter will continue to publish research that helps companies understand and act on technology disruption, while Prophet's global scale and resources will allow Altimeter to expand the breadth and depth of its research.
What we can see here is sea level clearly rising over the 20- year satellite altimeter record with acceleration in the record," he said.
These newly-mapped areas contribute additional losses that bring altimeter observations closer to estimates based on other approaches.
First marketed in 1989, the original Altichron was a ground breaking Citizen watch featuring superior altimeter functions that became one of the hallmark models of the Promaster brand.
The eBook, authored by Altimeter group founder Charlene Li and senior researcher Jessica Groupman, presents readers with identifiable steps toward adopting social business practices as well as real-world examples of how organizations are successfully integrating social media into business processes.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- MESSENGER's Mercury Laser Altimeter sends out laser pulses that hit the ground and return to the instrument.